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Title: The Awesomes

From the comedic minds of Seth Meyers (Saturday Night Live) and Mike Shoemaker (Late Night with Jimmy Fallon) comes THE AWESOMES, a new animated show for adults about the greatest superhero team ever after all the good members quit. Showcasing the voice talents of current and past SNL stars, THE AWESOMES introduces a group of not-so-super heroes who just might find a way to save the world.

Also Known As:
Air Dates: 08/01/2013 to ??
Air Time:
Rated: TV-14
Genres: Comedy, Animation
Total Episodes:
Network: Broadway Video Entertainment, Hulu
Country: USA
Language: English

Ike Barinholtz as Muscleman
Bill Hader as Malocchio
Steve Higgins as Mr. Awesome
Taran Killam as Frantic
Bobby Lee as Sumo
Josh Meyers as Perfect Man
Seth Meyers as Prock
Paula Pell as Gadget Gal
Emily Spivey as Concierge
Kenan Thompson as The Impresario