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Patterns (1956)
Added: 2nd September 2010
Posted By: Mystic
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When Fred Staples is recruited onto the board of a high-powered New York corporation, he finds his ethics and ambition at odds. - Release Date: 03/27/1956 - Feature Film - 1:23:48 - Rated: Not Rated

Tags: Van Heflin Everett Sloane Ed Begley Beatrice Straight Elizabeth Wilson Joanna Roos Valerie Cossart Eleni Kiamos Ronnie Wels Shirley Standlee Andrew Duggan Jack Livesey John Seymour James Kelly John Shelly
Down to the Sea (1936)
Added: 16th April 2013
Posted By: Mystic
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The locale is Tarpon Springs, Florida where Greek sponge divers fight over the diving methods each uses. They also have confrontations over the same girl. - Release Date: 1936 - Movie - 52:43 - Rated: Not Rated

Tags: Russell Hardie Ben Lyon Ann Rutherford Irving Pichel Fritz Leiber Vince Barnett Maurice Murphy Nigel De Brulier Paul Porcasi Victor Potel Karl Hackett Francisco Maran Frank Yaconelli Mike Tellegen John Picorri Dorothy Ates Fern Emmett Louis Mercier Henry Roquemore
Becky Sharp (1935)
Added: 29th May 2010
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Set against the background of the Battle of Waterloo, Becky Sharp is the story of Vanity Fair by Thackeray. Becky and Amelia are girls at school together, but Becky is from a "show biz" family, or in other words, lower class. Becky manages to insinuate herself in Amelia's family...

Tags: Miriam Hopkins Frances Dee Cedric Hardwicke Billie Burke Alison Skipwort Nigel Bruce Alan Mowbray G.P. Huntley William Stack George Hassell William Faversham Charles Richman Doris Lloyd Colin Tapley Leonard Mudie
Special Agent (1949)
Added: 13th November 2010
Posted By: Mystic
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Johnny Douglas (William Eythe) investigates a train robbery, committed by brothers Paul (George Reeves) and Edmond Devereaux (Paul Valentine), in which Lucille Peters (Kasey Rogers) father (Walter Baldwin) was killed. - Release Date: 07/22/1949 - Feature Film - 1:08:32 - Rated: Not Rated

Tags: William Eythe Kasey Rogers Paul Valentine George Reeves Carole Mathews Tom Powers Raymond Bond Frank Puglia Walter Baldwin Jeff York Virginia Christine Robert Williams Joseph Granby Morgan Farley John Hilton Peter Miles Jimmy Hunt Arthur Stone
The Loudspeaker (1934)
Added: 7th July 2010
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A young man from a small town hits New York City, bound and determined to become a radio star. Amazingly, he achieves his ambition, but in the process alienates everyone around him with his arrogance and egomania. - Release Date: 06/01/1934 - Feature Film - 1:08:40 - Rated: Not Rated

Tags: Ray Walker Julie Bishop Charley Grapewin Noel Francis Lorin Raker Spencer Charters Larry Whe Mary Carr Ruth Romaine Billy Irvine Eddie Kane Wilbur Mack Sherwood Bailey
Nurse Edith Cavell (1939)
Added: 14th March 2011
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English nurse Edith Cavell (Anna Neagle) is matron in a small private hospital in German-occupied Brussels during WWI. When the son of a recently deceased patient (George Sanders) escapes from a German prisoner-of-war camp, Cavell aids him to reach Holland and safety. This leads to Cavell, a...

Tags: Anna Neagle Edna May Oliver George Sanders May Robson Zasu Pitts H.B. Warner Sophie Stewart Mary Howard Robert Coote Martin Kosleck Gui Ignon Lionel Royce Jimmy Butler Rex Downin Henry Brandon WWII
Tomorrow We Live (1942)
Added: 28th December 2010
Posted By: Mystic
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Julie Bronson's (Jean Parker) father, Pop Bronson (Emmett Lynn), runs a desert cafe. A gangster known as The Ghost (Ricardo Cortez) runs a night club a few miles away. The Ghost knows that Pop is an escaped convict and blackmails him into storing stolen rubber tires in his desert shack which...

Tags: Ricardo Cortez Jean Parker Emmett Lynn William Marshall Rose Anne Stevens Ray Miller Frank Hagney Rex Lease Jack Ingram Barbara Slater Jane Hale
Daisy Kenyon (1947)
Added: 5th July 2010
Posted By: Mystic
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Daisy Kenyon, a commercial artist in Manhattan, must decide between two suitors: Dan O'Mara, a dashing, handsome lawyer who is already married, and Peter Lapham, a single writer. - Release Date: 12/02/1947 - Feature Film - 1:39:08 - Rated: Not Rated

Tags: Joan Crawford Dana Andrews Henry Fonda Ruth Warrick Martha Stewart Peggy Ann Garner Connie Marshall Nicholas Joy Art Baker
The Contender (1944)
Added: 15th March 2011
Posted By: Mystic
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Widower Gary Farrell (Buster Crabbe) can't afford to send his son to military school. He enters a heavyweight boxing tournament in hopes of winning the $500 prize money. He wins and decides to take up boxing as a career. Soon he is a contender for the Heavyweight title. Newspaper reporter...

Tags: Buster Crabbe Arline Judge Julie Gibson Donald Mayo Glenn Strange Milton Kibbee Roland Drew Sam Flint George Turner Duke York Boxing
Little Pal (1935)
Added: 31st December 2010
Posted By: Mystic
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Dr. Holden (Ralph Bellamy) runs a health camp for polio victims. He is dazzled by pretty and wealthy society girl Joan Bradshaw (Judith Allen), to the detriment of his patients and the woman who really loves him, his assistant Evelyn (Karen Morley). Joan cons the good Doc into building a...

Tags: Ralph Bellamy Karen Morley Mickey Rooney Judith Allen Robert McWade Bruce Warren J. Farrell MacDonald Vessie Farrell
Mutiny (1952)
Added: 18th November 2009
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Early in the War of 1812, Captain James Marshall is commissioned to run the British blockade and fetch an unofficial war loan from France. As first mate, Marshall recruits Ben Waldridge, a cashiered former British Navy captain. Waldridge brings his former gun crew...who begin plotting mutiny as...

Tags: Mark Stevens Angela Lansbury Patric Knowles Gene Evans Rhys Williams Robert Osterlo Peter Brocco Emerson Treacy Morris Ankrum Todd Karns
Bulldog Drummond Escapes (1937)
Added: 30th December 2010
Posted By: Mystic
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Captain Drummond (Ray Milland) becomes a prisoner when he intents to protect a beautiful heiress of an espionage organization. - Release Date: 1937 - Feature Film - 1:06:50 - Rated: Not Rated

Tags: Ray Milland Guy Standin Heather Angel Reginald Denny Porter Hall Fay Holden E.E. Clive Walter Kingsford P.J. Kelly Charles McNaughton Clyde Cook Frank Elliott