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State Department: File 649 (1949)
Added: 31st December 2010
Posted By: Mystic
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U.S. Foreign Service officer Kenneth Seeley (William Lundigan) and Marge Weldon (Virginia Bruce), a morale worker with the bureau are assigned to an area in Mongolia. They must matches wits with a Chinese warlord to try and save American citizens threatened with execution. - Release Date:...

Tags: William Lundigan Virginia Bruce Jonathan Hale Frank Ferguson Richard Loo Philip Ahn Raymond Bond Milton Kibbee Victor Sen Yun Lora Lee Michel John Holland Harlan Warde Carole Donne Barbara Woodell Lee Bennett Nana Bryant
Paradise Express (1937)
Added: 11th July 2010
Posted By: Mystic
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A small railroad is being squeezed out of business by the tactics of a trucking company owned by gangsters. - Release Date: 02/22/1937 - Feature Film - 52:39 - Rated: Not Rated

Tags: Grant Withers Dorothy Appleby Arthur Hoyt Maude Eburne Harry Davenport Donald Kirke Arthur Loft Lew Kelly Anthony Pawley Fern Emmett John Holland Robert McClun Bruce Mitchell Guy Wilkerson George Cleveland Railroad Trains
Young Dynamite (1937)
Added: 14th October 2012
Posted By: Mystic
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Rookie state trooper John Shields (David Sharpe) is celebrating with his sister Jane (Charlotte Henry) and her trooper fiance Tom Marlin (Kane Richmond) as well as his younger brother Freddie (Frankie Darro). When they hear on the radio that two thieves have killed a lawyer they set out to hunt...

Tags: Frankie Darro Kane Richmond Charlotte Henry Willy Castello David Sharpe Carleton Youn Pat Gleason Frank Austin Frank Sarasino Earl Dwire Jack Hendricks Jack Perrin
Night Train To Munich (1940)
Added: 23rd June 2012
Posted By: Mystic
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Armour plating inventor Dr Bomasch (James Harcourt) escapes to England as the Germans invade Prague. His daughter Anna Bomasch (Margaret Lockwood) escapes and joins him. The gestapo kidnaps them and bring them back to Berlin. British secret service agent Gus Bennet (Rex Harrison) goes undercover...

Tags: Margaret Lockwood Rex Harrison Paul Henreid Basil Radford Naunton Wayne James Harcourt Felix Aylmer Wyndham Goldie Roland Culver Eliot Makeham Raymond Huntley Austin Trevor Kenneth Kent C.V. France Frederick Valk Morland Graham War
Behind Green Lights (1946)
Added: 3rd May 2010
Posted By: Mystic
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Police lieutenant Sam Carson investigates a political murder after the victim is dumped at the door of police headquarters. - Release Date: 02/15/1946 - Feature Film - 1:01:34 - Rated: Not Rated

Tags: Carole Landis William Gargan Richard Crane Mary Anderson John Ireland Charles Russell Roy Roberts Mabel Paige Stanley Prager Charles Tannen
Drums in the Deep South (1951)
Added: 16th August 2010
Posted By: Mystic
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Best friends Clay Clayburn and Will Denning graduate from West Point only to soon find themselves fighting on opposite sides of the Civil War. A Confederate unit is ordered to prevent the passage of Federal trains for as long as possible. Both men meet each other on the battlefield but they...

Tags: James Crai Barbara Payton Guy Madison Barton MacLane Robert Osterlo Tom Fadden Robert Easton Louis Jean Heydt Craig Stevens Taylor Holmes Lewis Martin Peter Brocco Dan White
Bulldog Drummond at Bay (1937)
Added: 27th March 2012
Posted By: Mystic
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Bulldog Drummond goes up against foreign agents trying to steal plans for a top-secret aircraft. - Release Date: 07/31/1937 - Feature Film - 59:14 - Rated: Not Rated

Tags: John Lodge Dorothy Mackaill Victor Jory Claud Allister Richard Bird Hugh Miller Leslie Perrins Brian Buchel Jim Gerald Maire O'Neill Annie Esmond Frank Cochrane William Dewhurst Wilfrid Hyde-White
Crime, Inc. (1945)
Added: 30th December 2010
Posted By: Mystic
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A crusading reporter uses his friendship with a mobster to expose the machinations of organized crime in his city. - Release Date: 04/15/1945 - Feature Film - 1:13:34 - Rated: Not Rated

Tags: Leo Carrillo Tom Neal Martha Tilton Lionel Atwill Grant Mitchell Sheldon Leonard Harry Shannon Danny Morton Virginia Vale Don Beddoe George Meeker Rod Rogers Ed Cronley Jack Gordon
Mariners of the Sky (1936)
Added: 28th December 2010
Posted By: Mystic
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story of a naval officer who adopts a boy who is orphaned when his parents are killed. The boy is kidnapped by a gangster who believes the child is his. Angry, the officer gets the entire US Navy to help him get back his little boy! aka "Navy Born" - Release Date: 06/02/1936 - Feature...

Tags: William Gargan Claire Dodd Douglas Fowley George Irvin Dorothy Tree William Newell Addison Randall Georgia Caine Claudia Coleman Douglas Wood Paul Fix Hooper Atchley Shirley O'Brien Lou Wastel Gladys Gale George Guhl Elsa Newell
Blonde Ice (1948)
Added: 6th September 2010
Posted By: Mystic
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A society reporter keeps herself in the headlines by marrying a series of wealthy men, all of whom die under mysterious circumstances. - Release Date: 07/24/1948 - Feature Film - 1:13:58 - Rated: Not Rated

Tags: Robert Paige Leslie Brooks Russ Vincent Michael Whalen James Griffit Emory Parnell Walter Sande John Holland Mildred Coles Selmer Jackson David Leonard Jack Del Rio
Terraces (1977)
Added: 31st January 2010
Posted By: Mystic
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A soap opera-esque melodrama about the lives and loves of a group of tenants in an upper class high rise complex. - Release Date: 06/27/1977 - Feature Film - 1:13:03 - Rated: Not Rated

Tags: Lloyd Bochner Jane Dulo Arny Freeman Eliza Roberts Bill Gerber Kit McDonoug Julie Newmar James Phipps Lola Albright Tim Thomerson Allan Ric Ralph Manza Tom Lawrence Jack Denton Maurice Hill Raymond O'Keefe Gracia Lee Mark L. Taylor
Fairhaven (2013)
Added: 14th July 2013
Posted By: Mystic
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A former high school football star and one time college athlete, Jon has landed back in the place of his youth -- Fairhaven -- a small fishing village on the Massachusetts coast. Now in his early thirties, and with the promise of younger days seemingly washed ashore, Jon's vague feelings of...

Tags: Chris Messina Sarah Paulson Rich Sommer Alexie Gilmore Natalie Gold Tom O'Brien Maryann Plunkett Georgia Lyman Phyllis Kay Danielle Muehlen Eileen Waxler Ted Reinstein Paul O'Brien Tommy Burke Tim Haber John Soares Alicia Racine Roger Haber Donna O'Brien Grace Collins Dana Collyer