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The Concerto - Episode 12
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Kimchi Family - Episode 12
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Hooray for Love - Episode 3
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Amaya - Episode 29
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Healthy Super Bowl Recipe
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Kid Gang - Episode 5
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Whole Wheat Pasta Salad-Food Network
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Remington Steele - Steele Trap, Ep 110
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Robin of Sherwood - The Cross of St. Ciricus
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Weight Loss Exercise Program Week 3
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Drama Special - Middle School Student A (2014.04.25)
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The Hurricane Express - Chapter 11, Wings of Death
Added: Mar 03, 2012
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From: Mystic

Category Info:
Title: The Hurricane Express (1932)

The Wrecker is setting up accidents to derail trains on the L&R Raiload. Larry Baker's (John Wayne) father was killed in one of the wrecks. Baker begins an investigation to find the person responsible. The task is not simple however, since the Wrecker is a master of disguise. Gloria Martin (Shirley Grey) helps Baker in his investigation.

Also Known As:
Air Dates: 08/01/1932
Air Time:
Rated: Not Rated
Genres: Action, Adventure, Crime,| Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Total Episodes: 12
Country: USA
Language: English

Tully Marshall as The Railroad Manager
Conway Tearle as The Railroad Attorney

John Wayne as The Air Pilot
Shirley Grey as The Secretary (as Shirley Gray)
Edmund Breese as The Secretary's Father
Lloyd Whitlock as The Air Line Manager
Al Bridge as The Station Agent
Matthew Betz as The Engineer Jordan (as Mathew Betz)
Joseph W. Girard as The Railroad Detective (as Joseph Girard)
James P. Burtis as The Railroad Detective's Assistant (as James Burtis)
Ernie Adams as Barney (as Ernie S. Adams)
Charles King as Mike
J. Farrell MacDonald as Jim Baker
Al Ferguson as Sandy
Glenn Strange as Jim