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Lord Of The Rings Part 2 - Spoof Movies
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Encounters with Omar Qureshi - Katrina Kaif, Ep 103
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The Kingdom of the Winds - Episode 24
Added: Dec 29, 2012
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Category Info:
Title: The Kingdom of the Winds

Two thousand years ago, King Yuri, the son of the establisher of Goguryeo; Jumong, ascends the throne. The political situation is in turmoil with ceaseless threats from the powerful Buyeo's King Daeso, and from inside, Biryubu challenging the royal household's authority. Nevertheless, King Yuri always visions a strong Goguryeo. King Yuri's son is born. However the oracle delivers a cruel fate. King Yuri stands at the crossroad for the strengthening of Goguryeo's royal authority. Eventually, King Yuri decides to perform a ritual of killing his own son to oppress the angry public and Biryubu. However, as a father, King Yuri couldn't bring himself to kill his own son and orders crown prince Haemyung to abandon the baby. King Yuri names the baby that has to live as the dead, 'Muhyul': without blood or heart. Haemyung couldn't abandon the baby and takes him to Hyeap, the muralist.

Also Known As: Country of Wind / The Land of Wind
Air Dates: 09/10/2008 to 01/15/2009
Air Time: Wednesday & Thursday 21:55
Rated: 15
Genres: Period, Fantasy, Drama
Total Episodes: 36
Network: KBS2
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English + Other Languages

Song Il Gook as Prince Moo Hyul / Daemusin
Choi Jung Won as Princess Yeon
Park Gun Hyung as Do Jin
Jung Jin Young as King Yuri

Extended Cast

Kim Hye Ri as Lady Mi Yoo (Yeo Jin's mother)
Kim Hye Sung as Prince Yeo Jin
Lee Jong Won as Prince Hae Myeong (Moo Hyul's brother)
Kim Jung Hwa as Yi Ji
Lee Si Young as Yeon Hwa
Oh Yoon Ah as Hye Ap
Kim Jae Wook as Chu Bal So
Jang Tae Sung as Ma Ro (Moo Hyul's friend)
Kim Sang Ho as Ma Hwang
Park Sang Wook as Gwi Yoo
Han Jin Hee as King Daeso
Park Jung Hak as Sa Goo
Im Jung Eun as Princess Se Ryu
Jung Da Bin as young Princess Se Ryu
Kim Byung Gi as Sang Ga
Kim Gyu Chul as Myung Jin
Kim Won Hyo as Gong Chan
Kim Myung Soo as Goo Chu
Jung Sung Mo as Bae Geuk
Kim Sung Hoon as General Heuk Young