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It's Okay, That's Love - Episode 2
Added: 24th July 2014
Posted By: Mystic
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Love can sprout from the most unexpected places and in the most crowded minds. Jang Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung) is a famous mystery novelist and popular radio DJ who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). When he meets Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin), a first-year psychiatry fellow at the hospital...

Tags: Jo In Sung Gong Hyo Jin Lee Kwang Soo Sung Dong Il Yoon Jin Yi Yang Ik Joon Jin Kyung Cha Hwa Yun Kim Mi Kyung D.O. Lee Sung Kyung
Angels Revenge - Episode 84
Added: 14th July 2014
Posted By: Mystic
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Gijin asks his university classmates to pretend that a trade of stocks will take place. Not knowing that it is a trap, Taejeong comes to buy the stocks with Aran's money. Jiseok performs an audit on the foundation in order to stop Aran's money flow. Aran leaves the money to Taejeong....

Tags: Yoon So Yi Park Jung Chul Moon Bo Ryung Kwon Yool Lee Se Eun Lee Dal Hyung Choi Wan Jung Lee Hye Eun Kim Min Soo Lee Eung Kyung Jung Yi Yun Jung Young Sook Kim Chung Choi Jae Won
Fated to Love You (Korean version) - Episode 8
Added: 24th July 2014
Posted By: Mystic
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Making a mistake after having way too many drinks can change everything. Lee Gun (Jang Hyuk) is the successor to a large company run by his family. Kim Mi Young (Jang Na Ra) is an average-looking secretary in a law firm who earned the nickname “Post-It” for her inability to say no to her...

Tags: Jang Hyuk Jang Na Ra Wang Ji Won Choi Jin Hyuk Jung Eun Pyo Park Hee Bon Im Hyung Joon Park Won Sook Lee Mi Do Choi Woo Shik Song Ok Sook Na Young Hee Oh Sol Mi Park Sun Hee
We Got Married 2 (Global) - Episode 5
Added: 6th July 2014
Posted By: Mystic
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Puff makes ginger juice and kimchi for Heechul. The two of them then prepare for their house warming party. Key's friends join him and Arisa at the ski resort. Then the two of them receive couple's counseling. - Aired on 05/03/2014 - Season 2 Episode 5 - 1:00:55 - CC: English - Rated:...

Tags: Yagi Arisa Guo Xue Fu Puff Guo Kim Hee Chul Key
Gunman in Joseon - Episode 9
Added: 24th July 2014
Posted By: Mystic
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The Royal Court launches an investigation on who killed the Minister of Justice, which puts everyone in danger and jeopardizes Yoon Kang's safety. - Aired: 07/23/2014 - Season 1 Episode 9 - 1 hr 2 min - CC - Rated: 15

Tags: Lee Joon Ki Nam Sang Mi Jun Hye Bin Han Joo Wan Yoo Oh Sung Lee Dong Hwi Choi Chul Ho Kim Hyun Soo Choi Jae Sung Choi Ji Na Uhm Hyo Sup Kim Ye Ryung Ahn Ji Hyun Nam Myung Ryul Kim Jung Hak Ahn Suk Hwan Choi Jong Won Jin Sung Kang Sung Jin Park Jae Min Lee Min Woo Ha Ji Eun Otani Ryohei Kim Ga Eun Yoon Hee Suk
My Dear Cat - Episode 24
Added: 24th July 2014
Posted By: Mystic
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Suri tells her friend what her plan is to do with Seongil. Old Man Yun overhears the conversation. Sunja decides to be nicer to her husband but is shocked when she hears him on the phone with another woman. Yangsun learns that her father had been wiring her money as Kim Chunsik. She waits at the...

Tags: Choi Yoon Young Hyun Woo Choi Min Dokgo Young Jae Lee Kyung Jin Park So Hyun Lee Jae Yong Seo Yi Sook Choi Sung Min Hwang Bum Shik Kim Seo Ra Go Won Hee Jun Hyo Sung Kim Young Jae Yoon In Jo Go Do Young Ban Sang Yoon
Love & War 2 - Misfortune Virus (2014.03.29)
Added: 20th July 2014
Posted By: Merlin
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Misfortune Virus: One couple visited the marriage clinic. Boyeong believes she attracts bad luck. She gets paranoid about it after her first husband died of a car accident. She remarries with her second husband, but unfortunate events keep happening.

Tags: misfortune virus
We Got Married 2 (Global) - Episode 8
Added: 6th July 2014
Posted By: Mystic
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Key meets his new mother-in-law. Heechul makes a honeymoon breakfast for Puff then the two visit the ocean and go for a mountain bike ride. - Aired on 05/24/2014 - Season 2 Episode 8 - 1:01:05 - CC: English - Rated: Not Rated

Tags: Yagi Arisa Guo Xue Fu Puff Guo Kim Hee Chul Key
Potato Star - Episode 81
Added: 14th March 2014
Posted By: Mystic
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Song shows off his archery skills. Min-hyuk's friend from America comes to visit. - Aired on 02/10/2014 - Season 1 Episode 81 - 28:36 - CC: English - Rated: Not Rated

Tags: Lee Soon Jae Noh Joo Hyun Geum Bo Ra Go Kyung Pyo Choi Song Hyun Kim Jung Min Kim Dan Yool Jung Joon Won Seo Ye Ji Ha Yun Soo Oh Young Shil Yeo Jin Goo Jang Ki Ha Kim Kwang Gyu Julien Kang Park Eun Ji Fujii Mina
Su Baek-hyang, The King's Daughter - Episode 74
Added: 19th January 2014
Posted By: Mystic
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After talking with Makgeum, Solnan returns to the palace asks Solhi to come and talk to her. Solhi also visited Makgeum but found out that she was one step behind Solnan. - Aired on 01/16/2014 - Season 1 Episode 74 - 33:55 - CC - Rated: 15

Tags: Seo Hyun Jin Seo Woo Lee Jae Ryong Jo Hyun Jae Jun Tae Soo Myung Se Bin Yoon Tae Young Cha Hwa Yun Kim Min Gyo Jung Sung Mo Im Se Mi Jung Chan Kim Byung Ok Ahn Suk Hwan Yeo Eui Joo Choi Bum Ho Jang Myung Kab Lee Dong Yoon Choi Joon Hyuk Lee Choong Shik Lee Chang Jik
TV Novel: Samsaengi - Episode 2
Added: 30th June 2014
Posted By: Mystic
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Sa Gijin leaves for refuge with Ms. Jo and the two infants after parting ways with Bong Muryong upon the onset of the Korean War. Ms. Jo dies due to a chronic illness and Sa Gijin returns to Bong Clinic. After much consideration, he takes his own daughter in place of the doctor's daughter....

Tags: Hong Ah Reum Hyun Seung Min Kwak Ji Hye Son Sung Yoon Kim Ji Min Jang Seo Hee Cha Do Jin Kim Ji Hoon Ji Il Joo Kim Seung Chan Jung Yoo Geun Lee Dal Hyung Lee Ah Hyun Shin Hyun Tak Jung Seung Won Lee Soo Bin Dok Go Young Yoo Tae Woong Lee Yeon Soo Ban Hyo Jung Kim Na Woon Go Do Young Kim Hye Yoon Lee Jae In Kim Seung Wook Kim Do Yun
A Tale of Two Sisters - Episode 118
Added: 19th July 2014
Posted By: Mystic
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Yaerin begs Jaeseong not to leave her but Jaeseong is determined. Seyeong and Jeonghyo grow even closer together. Juhui is furious when Jaeseong says he's calling off the engagement. Misuk and Yongdeok try to get him to change his mind but Jaeseong is firm. Yaerin sees Jaeseong together with...

Tags: Park Se Young Lee Hae In Kim Na Hee Yoo Gun as Han Park Jae Jung Jung Hye Sun Lee Ki Young Im Ji Eun Kim Chae Yun Lee Do Yun Shim Hye Jin Lee Jung Ho Oh Seung Eun Jun Moo Song Kil Yong Woo Yang Geum Suk Lee Se Chang Ha Yun Joo

Category Info:
Title: A Tale of Two Sisters

A child who was adopted meets her biological mother after many years. She struggles between her adopted family and the family by blood. She takes on a journey to find her identity and love while learning about meaning of family.

Also Known As: Sincerity is the Way of Heaven / Sweet Springs / Sincerity Moves Heaven
Air Dates: 05/27/2013 to 11/19/2013
Air Time: Monday to Friday 20:25
Rated: 15
Genres: Family, Romance, Drama
Total Episodes: 135
Network: KBS World TV
Country: Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitles: English

Main Cast

Park Se Young as Choi Se Young (27)
Lee Hae In as Lee Ye Rin (27)
Kim Na Hee as child Ye Rin
Yoo Gun as Han Jae Sung (30)
Park Jae Jung as Ahn Jung Hyo (30)

Choi Se Young's family

Jung Hye Sun as Shim Ae Gi (80)
Lee Ki Young as Choi Jin Sa (60)
Im Ji Eun as Choi Il Young (39)
Kim Chae Yun as Choi Yi Young (35)
Lee Do Yun as Noh Ji Hyun (9)

Lee Ye Rin's family

Shim Hye Jin as Kim Joo Hee (54)
Lee Jung Ho as Lee Min Gook (32)
Oh Seung Eun as Oh Young Ah (30)

Han Jae Sung's family

Jun Moo Song as Han Ki Suk
Kil Yong Woo as Han Yong Duk (57)
Yang Geum Suk as Lee Mi Sook (54)
Lee Se Chang as Lee Sung Soo (43)
Ha Yun Joo as Han Ki Eun

Other People

Hong Jin Hee as Jang Mi Hwa (50)
Im Yoon Ho as Jang Dong Wook (25)
Lee Jung Hoon as Seo Dong Won (40)
Im Hyuk Pil as Kye Goo Man (40)
Yoon Chae Yi as Han Seol Hee (33)
Im Soo Hyun as Kim Na Ri (27)
Dok Go Young Jae as Ahn Tae Joon
Choi Soo Rin as Sara Kim
Han Ji Woo as Na Hye Ri
Choi Chang Yeob as Wang Hyun Mo
Lee Hye Geun as Jang Yoon Joo
Kim Sung Hoon as Secretary Kim
Kim Yoon Hee as senior announcer
Choi Ye Ji as new announcer
Byun Gun Woo as interview guide
Ryu Sung Hoon as creditor
Hong Suk Chun as talk show guest (cameo, ep 1)
Yoon Moon Shik as Shim Ae Gi's blind date man (cameo)
Kim Sung Won as Mamma Mia MC (cameo)
Kim Ki Yul as Lee Choon Ki (cameo)