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Title: Karmas a Bitch

You're driving in your car and you, out of the goodness of your heart, step on the brakes to graciously allow another car to cut in front of you. You are not expecting a medal of honor or a round of applause but would it kill the driver of the car to give you a simple thank you wave? It's the right thing to do. Yet, some folks don't give much thought to "the right thing to do." That's alright, because Karma is gonna get them. And we're not talking figuratively. Karma, with her blonde hair, peasant skirt and sweet tooth. Karma, she, the entity in a physical body, on this planet, standing there, sticking out her magic tongue - is gonna get you. Karma is here - and she's p***ed.

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Air Dates: 05/28/2012 to 09/15/2012
Air Time:
Rated: Not Rated
Genres: Comedy
Total Episodes: 16
Network: Roundabout Pictures
Country: USA
Language: English

Annie Wood as Karma
Peter Arpesella as Mr. Linguini
Liz Benham as Lily (as Elizabeth Benham)
Matthew J Cates as Biff the Car Guy
Eric Curtis as Eddie
Cameron Diskin as Kirk
Stephanie Erb as Insecurity
Phillip Estrada as The Man Upstairs
Teresa Ganzel as Honesty
Susie Geiser as Guilt
Arthur Hanket as Dr. Goldberg
Hali Lula Hudson as Woman #3 at Restaurant
Bill Lippincott as Blame
DeLane Matthews as Patience
Erin Murphy as Vanity
Brian Prisco as Guy on Bike
Mikul Robins as Sarcasm
Leif Ronalds as The Good Kid
Rachel Sciacca as Woman #2 at Restaurant
Chelsea Switzer as Woman #1 at Restaurant