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Youth Express

The move has started, but it doesnt seem to be an ordinary move!
Just one day, veteran actor ShinGoo becomes a CEO of moving company and he gathers so-called Youth Express members to help his clients moves.
Youth Express will deliver not only the clients belongings, but also their stories.

Licensed Regions: Worldwide

  • 1:02:52 Youth Express - Episode 3

    Youth Express - Episode 3

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    Following Shin Gu's orders, his junior actors continue to work as Youth Express' movers. Is the tenant they will meet a bodyguard or a secret agent? What stories do the houses they visit hold? - Aired: 12/04/2015 - Season 1 Episode 3 - 1:02:52 - CC - Rate

  • 1:03:02 Youth Express - Episode 2

    Youth Express - Episode 2

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    Shin Gu continues to look for items of memories, and his junior actors work as Youth Express' movers. What stories do the houses they have visited hold? - Aired: 11/27/2015 - Season 1 Episode 2 - 1:03:02 - CC - Rated: 15

  • 1:02:06 Youth Express - Episode 1

    Youth Express - Episode 1

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    The best actor in Korea, Shin Gu, opens a moving company. To run "Youth Express", Shin Gu gathers his junior actors and orders them to bring an item of fond memories from their clients. Confused, the actors leave to follow Shin Gu's order. What awaits the