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Smile Donghae (vk)

A young man and his mother’s search for happiness leads them to Korea. Carl Laker (Ji Chang Wook), whose Korean name is Dong Hae, comes to Korea with his mother, Anna Laker (Do Ji Won), to compete in a short track speed skating competition as a representative of the United States. Anna is a Korean American adoptee who met a Korean man named James while he was studying in New York. He promised to come back for Anna but never did and never knew that Anna became pregnant with his child. Anna also has the mental capacity of a 9-year-old, the result of a near drowning during a severe storm. When Carl came to Korea to compete, he also wanted to use the trip to see his Korean girlfriend, Sae Hwa (Park Jung Ah), whom he intended to marry, and to search for his birth father. But Sae Hwa tells Carl that she has no intention of marrying him because of his mother. When Anna wants to stay in Korea to find James, Carl and Anna move into the home of Lee Bong Yi (Oh Ji Eun), an aspiring chef, and her kind family. Will Carl and Anna be able to find the happiness they seek with the help of Bong Yi and her family?

  • 36:14 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 159 (Final Ep)

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 159 (Final Ep)

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    Bong Si and Sae Wa go to the coast to find Dojin and Dong Hae. Do Jin learns that Sae Wa is still pregnant, but he still refuses to return to Seoul and turn himself into the police. Sae Wa leaves and tells him he will never see her or the baby again. Befo

  • 34:54 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 158

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 158

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    Dong Hae goes to the east sea to find Do Jin. Hye Suk implores Kim Jun to have the surgery. Tae Hun leaves home to go to a Buddist temple to study for the bar. Mrs. Kim tells Anna she will let James go back to her. - Aired: 04/20/2011 - Season 1 Episode 1

  • 34:54 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 157

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 157

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    After Kim Jun collapses, Pil Jae takes him to the hospital. But, he hears bad news about his health. Anna sees him at the hospital and they learn he needs immediate surgery. - Aired: 04/19/2011 - Season 1 Episode 157 - 34:54 - Rated: 15

  • 35:03 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 156

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 156

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    Everyone is looking for Do Jin. Sool Nyeo agrees to date the head chef on a one month trial. Sae Wa tells Kim Jun and Hye Suk that she has pregnant. Dong Hae finds out about Yu Jin and Bong Yi's deal and he is furious. Kim Jun collapses on the sidewalk an

  • 34:56 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 155

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 155

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    The chairman comes out of his coma. At the shareholder meeting Do Jin calls for a vote to fire Dong Hae and Chariman Cho and put him and his mother in charge of the hotel. Dong Hae interupts him and drops a bombshell. Mrs. Kim has assigned all her shareho

  • 34:49 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 154

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 154

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    Dong Hae and Kim Jun open the safe and are shocked at what they see. Do Jin still refuse to stop his illegal actions. Bong Yi, Tae Hun and Piljae try to convince Seo Ni to confess to everything at the shareholders meeting. The day of the shareholder meeti

  • 32:57 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 153

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 153

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    Bong Yi agrees to leave Dong Hae if Yu Jin will help him. Do Jin realizes the key Saewa dropped in his car is for a safe at the bank and he goes to the bank but they refuse him access to it. He is caught by Dong Hae and Hye Suk. They find out that Kim Jun

  • 34:56 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 152

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 152

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    The investors find out the Hainan project has been halted. They storm into Hyesuk's office and demand their investments be returned. Yu Jin suggests to Bong Yi that if she breaks up with Dong Hae, she will help Dong Hae with the hotel. - Aired: 04/14/2011

  • 33:58 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 151

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 151

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    Sae Wa is in terrible pain and collapses in the parking grarage. Bong Yi takes her to the hospital. Bong Yi gets a text message from Seo Nu about what she is wearing. They know from that he is back in Korea and near their house. Piljae takes off to catch

  • 34:52 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 150

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 150

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    Guilt gets to Hye Suk and she tells Do Jin to stop everything and put everything back the way it was. Do Jin refuses to accept that. Seo Nu comes back to Korea and stays in a hotel room under Do Jin's name. Piljae investigates to trace the stolen construc

  • 35:01 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 149

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 149

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    Dong Hae and Tae Hun go to Do Jin and tell him that they are going to Hainan to get evidence. As soon as they leave the office Do Jin calls the China supervisor and orders all employees to not talk about the project with anyone. Do Jin starts blackmailing

  • 34:56 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 148

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 148

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    Sul Nyeo realizes Sae Wa is pregnant after seeing the sonogram. Sae Wa realizes she dropped the key in Do Jin's car but he denies finding any key. Dong Hae and Tae Hun plan to go to Hainan China to find out what is going on at the hotel construction site.

  • 35:04 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 147

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 147

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    Sae Wa meets Dong Hae at a cafe to give him the key from the chairman. Do Jin shows up and tries to drag Sae Wa off causing her to fall on a chair and collapse. Sae Wa drops the key in Do Jins car. Piljae gets word the Seo Nu is in Hong Kong. - Aired: 04/

  • 34:45 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 146

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 146

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    Chairman Cho overhears Sae Wa in the hotel hallway confronting Do Jin and Hyesuk on how they are the ones that framed him so they could buy all of his stock. After they leave the chairman stops Sae Wa and demands she tell him what's going on. She tells hi

  • 34:17 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 145

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 145

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    The shareholders' general meeting and Dong Hae's wedding are on the same day. Do Jin and Hye Suk pay full attention to manage the hotel. Piljae orders a trace on Seo Nu's bank account records. Dong Hae finds that the bank wire transfer papers for the Hain

  • 34:56 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 144

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 144

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    Piljae comes to the hotel looking for Seo Nu but he gets away and leaves the hotel. Do Jin gives a briefing on the Hainan hotel projects. Dong Hae asks tough questions that Do Jin stumbles to answer. Hye Suk accuses him of attacking Do Jin. Hyu Suk has bo

  • 34:59 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 143

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 143

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    Piljae starts investigating Seo Nu on the hotel tax issue and he suspects Hyesuk may be involved also. He tells Dong Hae about Seo Nu and tells him to be careful and watch his step until he finds the truth. Dong Hae catches Do Jin coming out of Seo Nu's h

  • 35:37 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 142

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 142

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    Mal Sun becomes first stockholder after Pil Yong sells his stock, and she wants Dong Hae to manage the company. Yujin meets Mrs. Cho telling her she wants to marry Dong Hae and then hands her copy of her resume and medical records. Do Jin starts another f

  • 35:01 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 141

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 141

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    The prosecutors order the hotel to pay a fine and back taxes. Anna tells Pil Jae she can't get married to him because of Dong Hae and Bong Yi. Sae Wa meets Kim Jun and tell hims she thinks Do Jin is plotting something and about him meeting with Seo Nu. Do

  • 34:37 Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 140

    Smile Donghae (vk) - Episode 140

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    The prosecutors office shows up at the hotel and takes Chairman Cho away. Saewa sees the news in the paper and gets suspicious remembering seeing Do Jin meet with Seo Nu secretaly several times. Mrs. Cho is suspicious of Hye Suk. Do Jin is worried if the