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Royal Family (vk)

In a high-stakes game of money, status, power and greed, a woman who marries into one of the richest corporate families in Korea is marginalized by her in-laws for years. Kim In Sook (Yeom Jeong Ah), who comes from a modest background, marries an heir to the JK conglomerate and is immediately regarded as an unwelcome social climber by her husband’s family. So when her husband is killed in a helicopter accident, her mother-in-law, Kong Soon Ho (Kim Young Ae), is determined to push her out of the family altogether and takes her son away from her. Tired of being treated as a doormat, In Sook decides to launch a counterattack and fight her in-laws for control over the family corporation. In Sook’s unlikely ally is the new corporate attorney, Han Ji Hoon (Ji Sung), who happens to be a childhood friend. Can In Sook’s bold plan help her get her son and her dignity back?

  • 1:03:18 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 18 (Final Ep)

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 18 (Final Ep)

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    Threatened by the disclosure of a scandal and the ruin of JK, Madam Gong gives in and decides to appoint Insuk Chairperson of JK Group. But as Insuk prepares for her inauguration, she realizes that things are far from over. - Aired: 04/28/2011 - Season 1

  • 1:04:29 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 17

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 17

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    While Insuk is having Dongjin questioned by the prosecutor's office on suspicion of embezzlement, Madam Gong sets up a plan that sends Hyunjin reeling with shock. - Aired: 04/27/2011 - Season 1 Episode 17 - 1:04:29 - Rated: 15

  • 1:05:11 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 16

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 16

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    Dongjin discovers that Kido was behind the thugs who attacked the safe house. Realizing that he is in danger, Kido calls Jihun one last time. - Aired: 04/21/2011 - Season 1 Episode 16 - 1:05:11 - Rated: 15

  • 1:05:06 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 15

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 15

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    Madam Gong frames Jihun as the prime suspect in the Johnny Hayward murder case in order to back Insuk into a corner. After much deliberation, Insuk heads over to Madam Gong with a letter in hand that'll turn the tables. - Aired: 04/20/2011 - Season 1 Epis

  • 1:04:38 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 14

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 14

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    While Jihun is busy catching up with his long lost mother, Insuk and Yunso hatch a plan to release the recorded tapes to the public and ruin Madam Gong's reputation. - Aired: 04/14/2011 - Season 1 Episode 14 - 1:04:38 - Rated: 15

  • 1:05:28 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 13

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 13

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    Jihun discovers a picture of himself in the classified CID files and finds out why Mary Kim ended up a suspect in a murder case. Meanwhile, Madam Gong announces that JK Medical is the new holding company of JK Group. - Aired: 04/13/2011 - Season 1 Episode

  • 1:05:17 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 12

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 12

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    When Jihyun realizes that Insuk may be 'Mary Kim,' he decides to uncover the truth. Meanwhile, Insuk offers to help Yunso out of her marriage, thereby forging an alliance between the two daughter-in-laws. - Aired: 04/07/2011 - Season 1 Episode 12 - 1:05:1

  • 1:05:39 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 11

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 11

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    Kido manages to sneak Kang Mija out of the country, but his relationship with Insuk is discovered by both Jihun and Yunso. Jihun looks into Kido’s background while Yunso confronts Kido herself. - Aired: 04/06/2011 - Season 1 Episode 11 - 1:05:39 - R

  • 1:04:21 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 10

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 10

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    Jihun finds out about Johnny’s identical bear and begins to look into Johnny’s background. Meanwhile, Madam Gong decides to switch holding companies from JK Club to another subsidiary in an attempt to keep Insuk from gaining too much power. -

  • 1:04:39 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 9

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 9

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    Johnny disappears without a trace, and Insuk is thrown into a panic. She pulls herself together to give her inaugural speech, but Jihyun has already caught onto the strange air between her and Kido. - Aired: 03/30/2011 - Season 1 Episode 9 - 1:04:39 - Rat

  • 1:06:01 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 8

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 8

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    Madam Gong appoints Insuk as the director of JK Club. On the day of Insuk’s official inauguration, a foreign stranger appears among the crowd, carrying a bear just like the one Jihun owns. - Aired: 03/24/2011 - Season 1 Episode 8 - 1:06:01 - Rated:

  • 1:05:25 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 7

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 7

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    When Madam Gong expresses her interest in Dealain, the French perfume brand that Yunso’s family is in talks to bring to Korea, Yunso finds herself between a rock and a hard place. - Aired: 03/23/2011 - Season 1 Episode 7 - 1:05:25 - Rated: 15

  • 1:05:23 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 6

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 6

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    Pressured by growing public support for Insuk, Madam Gong announces Insuk as the director of JK Club. On Insuk’s first day of work, someone posts pictures of when she worked as a temp under the late Chairman in an attempt to sabotage her. - Aired: 0

  • 1:05:59 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 5

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 5

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    Madam Gong finds out about Insuk and Jihun’s relationship and decides to keep them isolated. Jihun manages to sneak away Minkyung’s cell phone and hatches a plan for escape. - Aired: 03/16/2011 - Season 1 Episode 5 - 1:05:59 - Rated: 15

  • 1:06:08 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 4

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 4

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    A racy video starring Yunso’s daughter hits the internet and creates chaos for the JK family. Amidst the chaos, Hyunjin discovers that Insuk is Jihun’s longtime backer and decides to strike a deal. - Aired: 03/10/2011 - Season 1 Episode 4 - 1:

  • 1:06:19 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 3

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 3

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    An anonymous letter revealing details about attempts to bribe Mrs. Jin creates tension on the JK estate. And when it’s discovered that Insuk and Mrs. Jin are close friends, Madam Gong is forced to drop her plans to lock up Insuk for incompetency. -

  • 1:04:09 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 2

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 2

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    Jihun joins the legal team of JK Group in order to protect Insuk from being hospitalized for incompetency. Meanwhile, Madam Gong announces that whoever wins over soon-to-be First Lady Sukhyang Jin will become the director of JK Club. - Korean with English

  • 1:04:49 Royal Family (vk) - Episode 1

    Royal Family (vk) - Episode 1

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    Fifteen years after the orphanage murder case, Jihun Han finally clears his name. His joy is cut short, however, when he hears that Dr. Dongho Jo of JK Group, the prestigious “royal family” of Korea, has passed away, leaving behind his widow I