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K-Populous is an interview program that introduces exceptional artists and groups specializing in a wide range of music genres including rock, hip hop, ballad, electronic and jazz. We plan to break the stereotype that K-pop equals idol groups, and broaden the K-pop audience and listeners.

  • 23:51 K-Populous Ep50 Coreyah 고래야

    K-Populous Ep50 Coreyah 고래야

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    Coreyah Coreyah delivers unique music that incorporates the various sounds of traditional Korean musical instruments such as geomungo, daegeum and janggu as well as the guitar and Brazilian percussions. This in combination with the pansori-style vocals wi

  • 21:10 K-Populous Ep49 Solutions 솔루션스

    K-Populous Ep49 Solutions 솔루션스

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    Solutions Meet the future pop band Solutions formed by the multi-talented Naru, who was called the "modern prodigy," and Park Sol, a singer-songwriter known for his acoustic songs. 솔루션스 모던 영재라 불려 온 멀티플레이어 ′나루′, 어쿠스틱 성향의 싱어송라이터 ′박솔′이 만나 감각적이고, 혁신적인 음악의 모범

  • 23:24 K-Populous Ep47 4TEN 포텐

    K-Populous Ep47 4TEN 포텐

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    4TEN 4TEN has been showing their distinct charm since their debut last August with the song, "Tornado." This time, they are leaving the audience enraptured with their brand new song, "Why." 포텐 지난 8월 데뷔곡 ′토네이도′에 이어 올해 초 발표한 ′왜 이래′를 통해 자신들만의 매력을 확실히 어필하고 있는

  • 20:51 K-Populous Ep48 LU:KUS 루커스

    K-Populous Ep48 LU:KUS 루커스

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    LU:KUS Meet the five members of LU:KUS, who are known for their amazing physiques and good looks! Get ready to find out about their music and stories straight from the members: Choi, Kyung-jin, Dong-hyeon, Hae-won, and Jin-wan! 루커스 평균 신장 184.4cm에서 나오는 시원시

  • 23:25 K-Populous Ep46  Navi 나비

    K-Populous Ep46 Navi 나비

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    Navi Meet Navi, one of the top female artists, who has had numerous hits including "Because My Heart Hurts," "This Is for the Best," and "I Ain′t Going Home Tonight. 나비 "마음이 다쳐서", "잘 된 일이야", "집에 안 갈래"에 이어 "한강 앞에서"도 히트시키며 여성 솔로 가수의 자존심을 지키고 있는 가수 ′나비′를 만나본

  • 22:07 K-Populous Ep45 N-SONIC

    K-Populous Ep45 N-SONIC

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    N-SONIC Meet N-SONIC, the rising K-pop group, who were honored with the Best Stage Performance Award at the Hong Kong Asian-Pop Music Festival 2014, the Most Popular Group Award at the 2014 Music Pioneer Awards in China, and the Most Popular Rookie Award

  • 24:17 K-Populous Ep44 SUKI 숙희

    K-Populous Ep44 SUKI 숙희

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    SUKI Meet SUKI, a female artist who′s known for her heart-wrenching vocals! She has transformed from a chorus member for Lee Juck, Kim Dong-ryul, Vibe, Lena Park, Kim Bum-soo and many other celebrated artists to the queen of ballad music! 숙희 이적, 김동률, 바이브,

  • 23:16 K-Populous Ep43 SONAMOO 소나무

    K-Populous Ep43 SONAMOO 소나무

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    SONAMOO Meet the up-and-coming girl group that debuted in 2015! It′s the evergreen SONAMOO, comprised of 7 members: Soo-min, Min-jae, D.ana,Na-hyun, Eui-jin, High.D and New Sun! 소나무 수민, 민재, 디애나, 나현, 의진, 하이디, 뉴썬 7인 7색 매력의 늘 푸른 ′소나무′를 만나본다.

  • 23:00 K-Populous Ep42 HOTSHOT 핫샷

    K-Populous Ep42 HOTSHOT 핫샷

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    HOTSHOT HOTSHOT successfully concluded the promotion of their first album after making their fantastic debut with "Take a Shot." Meet the 6 members, Jun-hyuk, Timoteo, Kid Monster, Sung-woon, Yoon-san and Ho-jeong, and learn more about their activities an

  • 24:02 K-Populous Ep41 HIGH4 하이포

    K-Populous Ep41 HIGH4 하이포

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    HIGH4 HIGH4 has had numerous hits including "Not Spring, Love or Cherry Blossoms," "A Little Close," "Headache" and "Day by Day." The talented idol group is looking to branch out all over Asia including Japan and China. Find out more about them by tuning

  • 21:24 K-Populous Ep40 Seo Ji-an 서지안

    K-Populous Ep40 Seo Ji-an 서지안

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    Seo Ji-an Seo Ji-an rose to stardom through Immortal Songs where he blew everyone′s mind away with his heartfelt vocals. So, meet the rising star, who has captivated the music lovers wih his husky voice and powerful singing skills, this week on K-Populous

  • 23:37 K-Populous Ep39 ZEST 제스트

    K-Populous Ep39 ZEST 제스트

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    ZEST Join us on K-Populous to learn more about the five charming members of ZEST: the charismatic leader Shun, Ye-ho with attractive collarbones, Shin, whose imperfections make him even more charming, Choi Go, who lifts up people′s mood, and Duk-sin, whos

  • 20:51 K-Populous Ep38 T.L Crow 세발까마귀

    K-Populous Ep38 T.L Crow 세발까마귀

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    T.L Crow One became the first Asian to win the Bootcamp, a rap competition founded by Joe Jackson, the father of the late Michael Jackson. Effect Kim won the Korea Beatbox Championship in 2011 and Amateur Night at the Apollo three times in a row! Hoon J h

  • 23:43 K-Populous Ep37 Sonnet Son 손승연

    K-Populous Ep37 Sonnet Son 손승연

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    Sonnet Son Sonnet Son, the winner of Voice of Korea who left a strong impression through Immortal Songs, will be joining us on K-Populous. She is receiving rave reviews for her explosive vocals and ability to express diverse emotions. So, meet her and fin

  • 23:49 K-Populous Ep36 Gonne Choi

    K-Populous Ep36 Gonne Choi

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    Gonne Choi Meet the talented singer-songwriter Gonne Choi, who had gained recognition overseas before the home ground with her sentimental music and unique voice! 최고은 개성적이면서 감성적인 음악, 독특한 목소리로 국내보다 해외에서 먼저 주목받은 실력파 싱어송라이터 ′최고은′을 만나본다.

  • 24:06 K-Populous Ep35 BIGFLO

    K-Populous Ep35 BIGFLO

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    BIGFLO Meet the five members of BIGFLO: the sweet guy Jung-kyun, the cute yet tough guy Hightop, the sexy Z-Uk, the gentle and charismatic Yu-seong and the eccentric Ron! Join us on K-Populous to meet the multi-talented members of the hip hop idol group B

  • 24:14 K-Populous Ep34 Atomic Kiz 아토믹 키즈

    K-Populous Ep34 Atomic Kiz 아토믹 키즈

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    Atomic Kiz JM, the main vocalist who is praised for his songwriting skills, Ye-hoon, a guitarist from England, Seong-gong, the So Ji-sub look-alike who can play the djembe, J.Per, who can perform lyrical rap in his deep, low voice, and Jin-han, a dancer f

  • 20:35 K-Populous Ep33 HiNi 하이니

    K-Populous Ep33 HiNi 하이니

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    HiNi HiNi has gained people’s attention with ballad songs such as I Wanna See You, a soundtrack of The 3rd Hospital, Legend of Tears, and Can’t Have You from Reply 1994. This time, she is back with an album that reveals a different side of her. Learn more

  • 24:13 K-Populous Ep32 2LSON

    K-Populous Ep32 2LSON

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    2LSON They are a team of music producers, who have collaborated with talented artists to knock on the listeners′ hearts with sensuous melodies and emotion-stirring lyrics. Some of their hits include I′m in Love, On the Street, and The Lady. Meet LE, Noel

  • 23:56 K-Populous Ep31 Vanilla Acoustic

    K-Populous Ep31 Vanilla Acoustic

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    Vanilla Acoustic A band that′s as sweet as vanilla and presents relaxing acoustic music - it′s Vanilla Acoustic! They have a huge following on both the indie and mainstream music scenes. Find out what makes them so irresistibly charming on this week′s K-P