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Fusion may be the word of the millennium around the globe. One of the key factors in this phenomenon is food good, healthy eats that display a combination of cultures. That's why a country's tastiest foods are increasingly becoming nothing short of global properties. On FOODelicious, we spotlight different cultures and lifestyles through cuisines. Viewers can count on three distinct sections (Flavor Circuit, Crunchy Kimchi and Style & Taste) to discover just about everything there is to know about worldly food trends and staying in vogue, epicurean style. Flavor Circuit We traverse the globe to show you just how different taste buds can be. Each week we select one type of food, whether it's a category as broad as royal foods or the different faces of dumplings around the world, for example. We compare and contrast how the same ingredients can be used in vastly different ways. Through this, viewers can better understand a culture's traditions and quirks. Crunchy Kimchi Our kimchi expert brings you into her creative and experimental kitchen to show you the infinite ways you can prepare kimchi. She pairs the pickled cabbage dish with everything from cheese to chicken, proving culture's power to transcend boundaries. Style & Taste Trends and styles are not just for the fashionistas. Foodlovers and gourmands can now count on FOODelicious to keep them up to date on the most popular culinary buzz. Whether it's the latest health food craze or the best restaurants for marriage proposals, we bring you the latest in food trends.