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Exciting India

K-POP is rocking the world!
However, there is a country where K-POP fever hasn't landed yet.
That is with 1.2 billion people, about one-sixth of the world's population, an emerging cultural powerhouse, India!

South Korea's hottest K-POP stars will make star correspondents to cover news articles for News 9 about K-POP and its potential popularity in India.

  • 1:18:08 Exciting India - Episode 4 (Final Ep)

    Exciting India - Episode 4 (Final Ep)

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    It's the team's last day in India. Seoul HQ give the go-ahead so they film the report in segments. All five members shoot videos saying the exact same thing, but only two of the reports will be chosen to air on the news. - Aired: 05/20/2015 - Season 1 Epi

  • 1:17:53 Exciting India - Episode 3

    Exciting India - Episode 3

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    The team visits Yash Raj Films and interviews a movie producer where they find out that Bollywood already has some ties with Korean cinema. They get to meet Oh Seyeong, a stunt coordinator who is working on a Shah Rukh Khan movie, and are then asked to in

  • 1:08:18 Exciting India - Episode 2

    Exciting India - Episode 2

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    It's the second day of the five correspondents trip to Mumbai, India. They visit Maratha Mandir and watch Shah Rukh Khan's "The Brave-Hearted Will Take Away the Bride" that has been showing for over 20 years. There they interview a prospective actor who i

  • 1:15:37 Exciting India - Episode 1

    Exciting India - Episode 1

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    Kyuhyun from Super Junior, Minho from SHINee, Jonghyun from C.N.Blue, Sunggyu from Infinite and Suho from EXO are sent to Mumbai, India as correspondents to find out why K-pop is less known compared to other Asian countries. Can they put together a news s