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Brave Family

There are various types of family living different lifestyles in the world.
To meet them, Brave Family has joined together!

To find the secret of happiness, Brave Family members become new neighbors of local people by experiencing their lives. At their houses, the members work, live and feel being one of them.

A new type of real family variety, to become a true member of the local village!

  • 1:19:54 Brave Family - Episode 10 (Final Ep)

    Brave Family - Episode 10 (Final Ep)

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    Hyejin makes sure Brave Family eats well. Soy sauce maestro Hyejin unveils her love-filled soy sauce bibimbap. But unpredictable Jumi suddenly pulls out what she claims is sunblock and squirts it on the bibimbap. The rest of the family is dumfounded. "Don

  • 1:18:50 Brave Family - Episode 9

    Brave Family - Episode 9

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    Brave Family’s fourth day in salt village Charismatic Empress Dowager Shim’s authority has been absolute and unrivaled since Cambodia. However, this status quo is challenged when the salt pan trio—Munsik, Myeongsu, and Minhyuk—is p

  • 1:19:43 Brave Family - Episode 8

    Brave Family - Episode 8

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    New bride Jumi puts her cooking skills to work. Her scallion rice flour pancakes are a hit with her sister-in-law Hyejin, picky eater husband Myeongsu, and even with the front-yard animals. However, a single pancake becomes the starting point of a brutal

  • 1:19:53 Brave Family - Episode 7

    Brave Family - Episode 7

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    There can’t be two matriarchs under one roof. Sisters-in-law Shim Hyejin and Park Jumi vie for dominance. Myeongsu, who’s stuck in the middle, bears the brunt of their discord. The new groom is busier than ever, minding his sister’s mood

  • 1:18:21 Brave Family - Episode 6

    Brave Family - Episode 6

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    Brave Family heads to Khok Saat salt village. Park Myeongsu marries Park Jumi, Korea's foremost icon of first love. Park Myeongsu and Park Jumi couple savor their honeymoon in Laos, a country of healing. Surprisingly, there is chemistry between them, and

  • 1:20:46 Brave Family - Episode 5

    Brave Family - Episode 5

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    Brave Family’s pushed to the brink. Korea’s model breadwinner Lee Munsik leads Brave Family’s final fishing expedition in Tonle Sap. Will they finally return home with a boat full of fish? Mom Hyejin, in the meantime, is troubled by elde

  • 1:21:21 Brave Family - Episode 4

    Brave Family - Episode 4

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    Brave Family faces their greatest crisis: securing drinking water in Tonle Sap. The women leave the house with resolute determination and manage to get not one but two jugs of water. But their happiness is short-lived. One of the jugs falls into the lake.

  • 1:22:05 Brave Family - Episode 3

    Brave Family - Episode 3

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    After the harrowing duck egg incident, Brave Family plans a party for the youngest Seolhyun’s birthday. Mom and Jungwon are unwittingly drawn into a cook-off: Instant noodles cooked over coal versus spicy catfish soup. But the happy occasion is mire

  • 1:28:00 Brave Family - Episode 2

    Brave Family - Episode 2

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    No more plain rice and soy sauce. Brave Family is united in their effort to have a proper meal. Dad Munsik, uncle Myeongsu, and son Minhyuk head out to the lake in the hopes of returning with a boat full of fish. Will their fishing expedition be successfu

  • 1:19:40 Brave Family - Episode 1

    Brave Family - Episode 1

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    They head to a floating village with great anticipation. But excitement quickly subsides. Life on a lake is no walk in the park. They have nothing to eat, so figuring out how they’ll have their first meal is a problem! They have to bathe in the lake