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Weird Science

Teen-agers Gary (John Asher) and Wyatt (Michael Manasseri) create their idea of a perfect woman, Lisa (Vanessa Angel) who just happens to also be a magical genie. Based on the 1985 John Hughes film.
  • Popular Weird Science - WS4

    Weird Science - WS4

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    When no one at Farber High is getting along, Lisa decides to zap up some aliens to help erase the hate. However, the aliens attack the school instead of helping matters out. - Aired: 07/25/1998 - Season 5 : Ep. 18 - 22:08 - Final episode of the series.

  • Popular Weird Science - Genie Junior

    Weird Science - Genie Junior

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    Lisa wants to test Chett, and makes herself pregnant. Chett later wishes that the load was on him, and becomes pregnant instead of Lisa. - Aired: 07/25/1998 - Season 5 : Ep. 17 - 22:09

  • Popular Weird Science - Night of the Swingin' Steves

    Weird Science - Night of the Swingin' Steves

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    X-file FBI agents Scolder and Molly are back on the case after Lisa files a complaint against those pesky aliens who keep harassing her to breed with them. - Aired: 07/18/1998 - Season 5 : Ep. 16 - 22:08

  • Popular Weird Science - Wicked Wish

    Weird Science - Wicked Wish

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    In a Snow White parody, Mrs. Donnelly doesn't feel pretty anymore. Lisa tries to help her out, but instead makes Mrs. Donnelly want to be the fairest of them all. - Aired: 07/18/1998 - Season 5 : Ep. 15 - 22:09

  • Popular Weird Science - School Spirits

    Weird Science - School Spirits

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    The ghosts of old Farber High faculty members are haunting the school. When the gang finds out that all they want is for the new library not to be built over their teacher's lounge, they cook up a plan to haunt Scampi 'The Shining' style. -

  • Popular Weird Science - Magic Comet Ride

    Weird Science - Magic Comet Ride

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    Similar to Star Wars, Lisa joins her Genie Master on a comet to learn more about her powers. - Aired: 07/11/1998 - Season 5 : Ep. 13 - 22:10

  • Popular Weird Science - The Genie Detective

    Weird Science - The Genie Detective

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    While Gary and Wyatt are at school, Lisa plays a virtual reality game, the Genie Detective. She ends up in the 1930's. Chett joins her, but isn't prepared to play the game. He also doesn't know one important rule- when you die in the virtua

  • Popular Weird Science - I, Chettus

    Weird Science - I, Chettus

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    When greeted at school by Principal Scampi in a toga, Gary and Wyatt know that something is wrong. They are in trouble, not only for being late, but for not being dressed properly. They must go back to Ancient Rome and fix what Chett has done. - Aired: 03

  • Popular Weird Science - Stalag 16

    Weird Science - Stalag 16

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    Principal Scampi is given a China pig award from Chett, and also receives the title Educator of the Decade. Lisa creates a fun holodeck for the boys to fight in, similar to Stalag 17. - Aired: 03/14/1997 - Season 5 : Ep. 10 - 22:07

  • Popular Weird Science - Future Brides

    Weird Science - Future Brides

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    Wyatt keeps going out on dates, but none of the girls are right for him. Lisa zaps up a Bride Detector, that will go off when your future wife is close to you. Wyatt's future wife is sitting right in the Java Man. Chett tries to use the detector to m

  • Popular Weird Science - Bee in There

    Weird Science - Bee in There

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    Wyatt and Gary both think about how their fathers never played with them when they were little. After hearing this, Lisa agrees to let the boys go back in time as their dads, so that they can spend a little time with themselves as children. The wish turns

  • Popular Weird Science - Show Chett

    Weird Science - Show Chett

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    Lisa decides to make Chett a male stripper at Chip 'N' Tails, the local women's club, after Chett continually shows that he thinks women are just sex objects. Chett quickly becomes an extremely popular stipper, er, "dancer". - Air

  • Weird Science - Man's Best Friend

    Weird Science - Man's Best Friend

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    Two of Chett's friends dump him out in the mountains, miles from anywhere. All of a sudden, Chett starts to be followed by a dog. Chett starts bonding with the dog after saving his life from a truck. When Chett comes home and Lisa sees how nice Chett

  • Popular Weird Science - Forbidden Janet

    Weird Science - Forbidden Janet

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    Wyatt wants to finally meet the perfect girl for him so Lisa creates a magical hat that will turn Wyatt's dream girl into a real, live girl. However, when both Chett and Gary use the hat to create their dream girls, it turns out that only one girl ca

  • Weird Science - Gary Had a Little Cram

    Weird Science - Gary Had a Little Cram

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    Wyatt wants a good sturdy envelope for his application to Paxton University. So, Lisa zaps the envelope and makes in invincible. She tests it herself by blowing it up, setting it on fire, and allowing Chett to play with it. With all of the talk about coll

  • Weird Science - Boys on the Hide

    Weird Science - Boys on the Hide

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    Principal Scampi is honored at a Farber High school assembly. Unfortunately, some of the students vandalized his photo beforehand. Principal Scampi doesn't have enough to go on to be able to figure out who committed the crime. Lisa feels sorry for hi

  • Weird Science - Girl Talk

    Weird Science - Girl Talk

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    Gary and Wyatt try to be girlfriends with Lisa by playing girly games with her, but that's not enough. Lisa wants some real girls to talk to. Lisa decides to become friends with one of the waitresses at the Java Man. However, trouble soon hits as Lis

  • Weird Science - I Dream of Gene

    Weird Science - I Dream of Gene

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    Lisa wants someone else to talk to. Someone that understands her better. So, she decides to look for other magic genies in the world. She meets one in Texas, Gene. Chett gets jealous and searches the teapot in which Gene lives. Chett finds the address of

  • Weird Science - Strangers in Paradise

    Weird Science - Strangers in Paradise

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    Lisa grants Chett a wish- to be stranded on a deserted island. However, as usual, Lisa's magic goes awry, and Lisa is trapped on the island with him. Not only are they on a desert island, but they are in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle, which hind

  • Weird Science - Pirates!

    Weird Science - Pirates!

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    Wyatt gets the lead role in "Jolly Roger," the school musical. Wyatt has a crush on his leading lady, Jessica, unfortunately she doesn't return his feelings. Lisa tries to make her feel differently, but magic goes awry, and the musical is b