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Considering the present increasing interest in the quality of life and happiness, this program aims to contribute to the growth of the quality of the lives of citizens by providing valuable information alone with entertainment. This show picks topics that are issues nowadays such as the prevention of aging, sex, the truth about Adam and Eve, and the cycle of birth. Through a series of trilogy or tetralogy, this program approaches the topics profoundly and systematically with a new view and satisfies people's curiosity. Panels talk about a topic with a competent medical expert and learn ways to stay healthy.
  • 56:33 Vitamin - Food Poisoning (2014.07.09)

    Vitamin - Food Poisoning (2014.07.09)

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    Intense heat is here early. There are more cases of food poisoning. Learn how to avoid it on Vitamin. Find out about the different germs that cause food poisoning and the foods that cause food poisoning the most. The medical scandal tells all. You can als

  • 56:15 Vitamin - Lactic Acid Bacteria (2014.07.02)

    Vitamin - Lactic Acid Bacteria (2014.07.02)

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    Lactic acid bacteria are a must for modern health. More people are getting colon cancer because of Western diets. Find out about lactic acid bacteria and the proper way to consume it.

  • 57:09 Vitamin - Healing Foods (2014.06.25)

    Vitamin - Healing Foods (2014.06.25)

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    Food is a gift from nature. Find out about the first grown fruit, figs, and the history and effects of apricots, a cure-all. Find out what seasonal tonics there are and take a look at the healing foods chosen by 'Time'. It's all on the medical scandal.

  • 54:41 Vitamin - Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (2014.05.21)

    Vitamin - Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (2014.05.21)

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    Temporomandibular Joint Disorder; Our jaw gives us the pleasure of chewing and eating. If it suddenly makes a clicking sound, if you can't open your mouth or if you suddenly have headaches, you could have a temporomandibular joint disorder. Find out about

  • 57:20 Vitamin -  Clean and Clear Blood (2014.05.07)

    Vitamin - Clean and Clear Blood (2014.05.07)

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    Blood supplies oxygen and nutrients to the body. The source of all illnesses is in the blood. Find out how to make your blood clean. Learn about illnesses that occur due to polluted blood and see what foods you should eat to make your blood cleaner.

  • 58:57 Vitamin - Freckles, Age Spots, Wrinkles (2014.05.28)

    Vitamin - Freckles, Age Spots, Wrinkles (2014.05.28)

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    Freckles, Age Spots, Wrinkles; UV rays are enemies in spring. They can cause freckles, age spots and wrinkles. Learn about the procedures that eliminate freckles, age spots and wrinkles and find out how to protect your skin. It's all on the medical scanda

  • 57:49 Vitamin - Thyroid Illnesses (2014.06.11)

    Vitamin - Thyroid Illnesses (2014.06.11)

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    Korea has the highest rate of thyroid cancer among OECD nations. One out of three Korean women have thyroid illnesses. If neglected, it can lead to arteriosclerosis, arrhythmia or cardiac insufficiency. Learn about the symptoms of hyperthyroidism and hypo

  • 56:02 Vitamin - The Two Faces of Medicine (2014.06.18)

    Vitamin - The Two Faces of Medicine (2014.06.18)

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    Medicine is the best gift, but at times, it can be poison. Aspirin, steroids and even caffeine. Find out about the proper use and the side effects of medicine. Medicine can have two faces.

  • 56:23 Vitamin - Pain (2014.06.04)

    Vitamin - Pain (2014.06.04)

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    Pain is a signal from the body. If there is a problem with this signal, it can lead to greater pain. What is the cause of pain and what are the signals? Find out all about it on the medical scandal.

  • 56:28 Vitamin - Sleep Disorders (2014.04.30)

    Vitamin - Sleep Disorders (2014.04.30)

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    Sleep relieves fatigue. Learn about sleeping postures that can cause sleeping disorders. Find out the proper environment and daily habits for good sleep. It's all revealed on the medical scandal.

  • 56:55 Vitamin - Dad is Sick (2014.04.09)

    Vitamin - Dad is Sick (2014.04.09)

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    Prostatic hypertrophy and gout are threatening middle-aged men. This is part 1 of family illnesses. Take a look at common illnesses of middle-aged men - prostatic hypertrophy, gout and depression.

  • 57:08 Vitamin - Five Commandments of a Middle-Age Die (2014.03.26)

    Vitamin - Five Commandments of a Middle-Age Die (2014.03.26)

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    Five Commandments of a Middle-Age Diet; Obesity doubles the risk of adult illnesses like fatty liver, diabetes and hypertension. Anyone over forty worries about middle-age fat and obesity. Find out the five commandments for a middle-aged diet.

  • 56:35 Vitamin - Energetic Spring Meals (2014.04.02)

    Vitamin - Energetic Spring Meals (2014.04.02)

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    Spring fever can reduce immunity and cause chronic fatigue. Find out what food is good for breakfast, lunch and dinner in the spring time. Learn about energetic spring meals.

  • 57:32 Vitamin - How to Live Alone (2014.04.23)

    Vitamin - How to Live Alone (2014.04.23)

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    More people are living by themselves in modern society. 25% of the total households are one person households. This is a special to take a look at such people and their health. Find out the illnesses that threaten them and learn how to overcome burnout sy

  • 57:27 Vitamin - Part 2 of family illnesses (2014.04.16)

    Vitamin - Part 2 of family illnesses (2014.04.16)

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    Part 2 of family illnesses, 'mom is sick'. Learn about the facts and misunderstandings of cervical illnesses. Also find out about frozen shoulder and carpal tunnel syndrome which are common among women in the 4o's and 50's.

  • 56:32 Vitamin - Sports Star Special (2014.01.13)

    Vitamin - Sports Star Special (2014.01.13)

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    Sports Star Special; Sport stars please all of us. The 2013 Korean Series hero, Park Hani. London Olympics medalist, Choi Byeongcheol. Undefeated UFC fighter, Kim Donghyun. Rhythmic gymnast, Shin Suji. Find out about their special meals and their secrets

  • 57:08 Vitamin -  How to Have a Smarter Brain (2014.01.20)

    Vitamin - How to Have a Smarter Brain (2014.01.20)

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    How to Have a Smarter Brain; Brain development is an interest among all ages. A healthy brain means a healthy body. Find out what foods can make children smart and how you can make your brain more active.

  • 56:15 Vitamin - Healthy Eyes (2014.02.17)

    Vitamin - Healthy Eyes (2014.02.17)

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    47.1% of Korean adults wear glasses or contacts. If you want healthy eyes, get regular checkups. Learn what daily habits damage or protect vision and find out about vision correction procedures.

  • 57:09 Vitamin - Liver Health (2014.02.10)

    Vitamin - Liver Health (2014.02.10)

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    Vitamin - Liver Health (2014.02.10)

  • 56:52 Vitamin -  Unwelcome Guests in the Body, Lumps (2014.02.03)

    Vitamin - Unwelcome Guests in the Body, Lumps (2014.02.03)

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    Unwelcome Guests in the Body, Lumps; Lumps can be seeds for cancer. They can only be prevented with regular checkups. There are many types of lumps. Find out which ones have to be removed. Learn all about different types of lumps.