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Two Detectives Jack and Georgina who share chemistry but have complicated personal lives. One is cynical and over sexed, the other an asset to the profession. Their unbalanced partnership gets them through a series of strange cases almost smoothly. While managing work life, they have to manage each other and their personal lives. A fast-paced, witty, returnable detective series about the complications of modern-day-life.
  • Vexed - Episode 206

    Vexed - Episode 206

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    Detectives investigate a robbery from a family-run jewellery store, of a diamond belonging to a famous footballer. The thieves knew the combination, so all the family and staff are suspects. Jack gets invited to be best man at his brothers wedding. - Aire

  • Vexed - Episode 205

    Vexed - Episode 205

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    The headmaster of a local primary school is murdered by a knitting needle in the neck, Jack and Georgina quickly arrest one of the last five mothers to see him that morning. Jack does not realize he too has been poisoned by one of the mothers. - Aired on

  • Vexed - Episode 204

    Vexed - Episode 204

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    Front runner contestant, Alison Clarke, on a cookery show is murdered & Georgina goes undercover to solve the murder from suspects numbering the other contestants, the hosts of the show Robert Randall and his assistant Sue Goretti. - Aired on 08/22/20

  • Vexed - Episode 203

    Vexed - Episode 203

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    Demoted to "missing persons" for a week, after Jack had defaced the Chief Constable's poster, Jack and Georgina investigate missing solicitor Ted Finch. When his body turns up in the river they have to determine if it is suicide, murder, or

  • Vexed - Episode 202

    Vexed - Episode 202

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    The detectives investigate the murder of student Laura Edwards in her university library. Jack goes undercover as a mature student to aid their investigation of the tutors and students and the complicated world of gender politics. - Aired on 08/08/2012 -

  • Vexed - Episode 201

    Vexed - Episode 201

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    DI Jack Armstrong and his new partner, DI Georgina Dixon come together at a car showroom where top salesman Karl Mercer is found dead in the boot of a car. The suspects are all employees of the car dealership from sales staff to mechanics. - Aired on 08/0

  • Vexed - Episode 103

    Vexed - Episode 103

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    The high profile kidnap of a girl band member, Gemma G, puts an uncomfortable spotlight on Jack and Kate when the ransom drop goes wrong and suspicion falls on the band's publicity seeking manager Richard Anderson. - Aired on 08/29/2010 - Season 1 Ep

  • Vexed - Episode 102

    Vexed - Episode 102

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    Jack and Kate find themselves in therapy when a depressed banker, with many enemies, being treated at a private rehabilitation clinic is targeted by a hit-man and their investigations lead them to look for the killer amongst the other patients. - Aired on

  • Vexed - Episode 101

    Vexed - Episode 101

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    Three single women are murdered and the only link is their Loyalty program purchases, Kate is set up as a potential victim to flush out the killer. The Loyalty program records proves both good and bad for Jack and Kate's love lives. - Aired on 08/15/