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Urban Cowgirl

When Ben Evans arranges an interview at an Equestrian Center, his daughter Jorgie must prove herself not only to the daunting and beautiful hunter-jumper trainer, Susana, but to Susana's riding students, the very same scornful, self-important girls who make Jorgie's life miserable at school. Rising to the Trainer's challenge, Jorgie matches wits with Stella, a cagey old show horse who puts the girl through her paces.
  • Urban Cowgirl - Pilot

    Urban Cowgirl - Pilot

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    What's this thing about horses and girls? From the screenwriter of "The Black Stallion", "The Journey of Natty Gann" and "White Fang" comes Urban Cowgirl. - Aired: 11/07/2008 - Episode 1, Pilot - 11:49 - Rated: Not Rated