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Three complete strangers in their early twenties find each other in the middle of São Paulo. Teco is supposed to have gone to London, but an unfortunate incident has him shipped back to Brazil without his parents' knowledge. Lud moves out of her parents' home after graduation, but when a roommate bails she's forced to find new ways of paying the rent. And Felipe is a hotshot model who gets kicked out of his girlfriend's home. Together, they live their life to the fullest, making mistakes, exchanging experiences, and learn what it's like to really become an adult and face the consequences.
  • Threedom - Disembark, Ep 13

    Threedom - Disembark, Ep 13

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    Only three more days until Teco is “back” from London and he is desperate. His parents will pick him up at the airport and wait for him at the arrival gate. The problem is Teco has no way of “landing”. - Country: Brazil - Aired: 10/06/2009 - Seaso

  • Threedom - For Sale, Ep 12

    Threedom - For Sale, Ep 12

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    Teco and Felipe find out that Lud owes money to the bank and they offer to help her, but she doesn’t accept it out of pride. After a fight with Leo, Felipe searches for a new model agency. - Country: Brazil - Aired: 09/29/2009 - Season 1 Episode 12 - 24

  • Threedom - Good Night, Ep 11

    Threedom - Good Night, Ep 11

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    Lud wants to spend the night at home watching TV and eating chocolate, but everyone else seems to have interesting plans. Felipe decides he will talk to Tássia at the premiere of the commercial they filmed together, and get back together. - Country: Braz

  • Threedom - Chaotic, Ep 10

    Threedom - Chaotic, Ep 10

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    Felipe's ex, Tássia, wants to get back with him, and he ends up falling for her too. When he must decide between Tássia and Kika, he decides to keep both. Meanwhile, Lud finishes the preparations for her debut. - Country: Brazil - Aired: 09/15/2009

  • Threedom - City of Bauru, Ep 9

    Threedom - City of Bauru, Ep 9

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    Teco bumps into his cousin Victor from his hometown and asks him to keep the secret of his whereabouts. Felipe dates Kika, and in the tide of good fortune lands a role in a major advertising company. - Country: Brazil - Aired: 09/08/2009 - Season 1 Episod

  • Threedom - Raw Rice, Ep 8

    Threedom - Raw Rice, Ep 8

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    When Flávio leaves to travel with his band, Lud begins to feel insecure and starts a fight with him. Teco has a chance to get the job he always wanted, but the company thinks he is in London; he must now explain what he is doing in Sao Paulo. - Country:

  • Threedom - Freedom, Ep 7

    Threedom - Freedom, Ep 7

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    Felipe wants to get a tattoo, but his contract with the store Henri François does not allow it, nor allows him to change his haircut. Brava goes to the apartment to complain to Teco, only to find things she didn’t wish to see. - Country: Brazil - Aired

  • Threedom - Party, Ep 6

    Threedom - Party, Ep 6

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    Lud is angry because no one recognizes her until Flávio, a friend, appears and immediately recognizes it as her record. She's happy to hear it, but is disappointed to find that he's with someone else. - Country: Brazil - Aired: 08/18/2009 - Sea

  • Threedom - DJ Lester, Ep 5

    Threedom - DJ Lester, Ep 5

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    Lud manages to book Lester, a DJ from London to play at the club. If everything goes well, Lud will be closer to playing another night by herself. - Country: Brazil - Aired: 08/11/2009 - Season 1 Episode 5 - 24:15 - CC - Rated: Not Rated

  • Threedom - The Mother of the Girl, Ep 4

    Threedom - The Mother of the Girl, Ep 4

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    Lud gets a call from Nara, her younger sister, who's grounded for failing some courses in school. Lud asks Felipe for help and the two decide to rescue Nara. - Country: Brazil - Aired: 08/04/2009 - Season 1 Episode 4 - 24:16 - CC - Rated: Not Rated

  • Threedom - No, Ep 3

    Threedom - No, Ep 3

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    Teco gets a job to support himself while pretending to be in London. Felipe tries to gather the courage to break things off with Clara before they get too serious. - Country: Brazil - Aired: 07/28/2009 - Season 1 Episode 3 - 23:41 - CC - Rated: Not Rated

  • Threedom - Girlfriend, Ep 2

    Threedom - Girlfriend, Ep 2

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    Teco and Felipe move in with Lud while Teco's parents still believe he is in London and Felipe sorts out his life after the break up. Lud finds out the man she is seeing has a girlfriend. - Country: Brazil - Aired: 07/21/2009 - Season 1 Episode 2 - 2

  • Threedom - Shuffle, Ep 1

    Threedom - Shuffle, Ep 1

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    Teco goes to London, only to have his travel plans ruined the moment he steps off the plane. Felipe's girlfriend, Tássia, breaks up with him after living together for only six months. Lud moves out on her own. - Country: Brazil - Aired: 07/14/2009 -