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The Queen and the Eunuch: Pleiades

In late Qing dynasty China, Chun Er, an impoverished country youth, makes a living picking up manure in order to take care of his sickly adoptive mother Lian Zi and younger sister Ling Er. In a desperate act, Chun Er performs self-castration to obtain reward money from the government to cure his mother's illness. Liang Wen Xiu, the son of a wealthy landowner, discovers that Lian Zi is actually his biological mother, and is extremely touched by Chun Er's sacrifice. He and Chun Er head to The Forbidden City with Ling Er in hopes for a better future. Wen Xiu becomes the top scorer on the imperial exams and is rewarded with an important position in the Qing court while Chun Er would become a top eunuch greatly favored by Empress Dowager Ci Xi. Their fates are intertwined with those of Ci Xi and her puppet emperor Guang Xu as they become embroiled in the political intrigue of a tumultuous era.