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The Protectors

RASMUS, JONAS and JASMINA are part of the Danish national police branch PET that is in charge of personal protection mostly for politicians and royal family.
  • The Protectors - Episode 210

    The Protectors - Episode 210

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    Leon and Jonas are in Congo after the terrorist called “the Swede”. Leon and Jasmina search for the Swede in New York and Cairo but as the Climate Conference is about to start, the Swede arrives in Copenhagen and PET loses a trusted employee. - Countr

  • The Protectors - Episode 209

    The Protectors - Episode 209

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    Robin, one of Jonas’ former colleagues, is involved in illegal diamond trading and was taken prisoner in Congo. Robin asks Denmark for help in return for offering information on an assassination attempt in Copenhagen. - Country: Denmark - Aired on 02/28

  • The Protectors - Episode 208

    The Protectors - Episode 208

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    Watching video footage from the hotel, the psychiatrist Boas recognises the face of a foreign man servant - Klaus Maria Grashof - a German who has his own tragic reasons for being close to Sister Abraham. - Country: Denmark - Aired on 02/21/2010 - Season

  • The Protectors - Episode 207

    The Protectors - Episode 207

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    Sister Abraham is attending a meeting in Copenhagen and has only recently survived an attack. There are new death threats and Rasmus is there to protect her. But the use of his weapon in the line of duty has severe consequences… - Country: Denmark - Air

  • The Protectors - Episode 206

    The Protectors - Episode 206

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    Two candidates strive to become the Foreign Minister's successor and the power struggle will take an unusual turn when one candidate's daughter is kidnapped. - Country: Denmark - Aired on 02/07/2010 - Season 2 Episode 6 - 59:30 - CC - Rated: Not

  • The Protectors - Episode 205

    The Protectors - Episode 205

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    Jonas and Rasmus protect the foreign Minister on her 50th birthday but cannot save her from committing suicide. They discover that there is a power struggle within the government and that it’s the supporting parties that can explain her death. - Aired:

  • The Protectors - Episode 204

    The Protectors - Episode 204

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    PET offers Tanya protection and despite warnings about reactions to her experience in Pakistan, Jasmina participates in the monitoring. While Rasmus discovers a new threat to Tanya, the murderer plans to eradicate her with help from her own family. - Coun

  • The Protectors - Episode 203

    The Protectors - Episode 203

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    During an assignment in Moscow, Jonas meets journalist Tanya who was an eye witness to the murder of defence lawyer Medvedenko. Jonas illegally brings her to Denmark but the assassin from Moscow already has conspirators in place at the airport. - Country:

  • The Protectors - Episode 202

    The Protectors - Episode 202

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    When explosions frame Jasmina’s building in Pakistan, Rasmus’ fears are confirmed. The news of missing PET members spreads fast in the media and Jonas confirms a possible connection between Muhammad cartoonist drawings and the attack on the hotel. - C

  • The Protectors - Episode 201

    The Protectors - Episode 201

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    Rasmus is in love with Jasmina and concerned when she is sent to Islamabad while Rasmus and Jonas stay behind protecting a Muhammad cartoonist. - Country: Denmark - Aired on 01/03/2010 - Season 2 Episode 1 - 57:13 - CC - Rated: Not Rated

  • The Protectors - Episode 110

    The Protectors - Episode 110

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    The English Climate Minister, Claire Thornton is abducted just before the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. The PET is required to use risky methods in order to find Claire in time to avert tragedy. - Country: Denmark - Aired on 03/01/2009 - Season

  • The Protectors - Episode 109

    The Protectors - Episode 109

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    Just before the Climate Change Conference, English Climate minister, Claire Thornton, amongst others, is invited to Copenhagen. She knows that certain experts are receiving bribes to defuse the debate of global warming. - Country: Denmark - Aired on 02/22

  • The Protectors - Episode 108

    The Protectors - Episode 108

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    The PET (Secret Service) intensifies the search for the stalker after she successfully passes for the bride-to-be in a dramatically compromising video. PET finally identifies her and helped by the psychologist Boas, Jasmina finds a vital clue. - Country:

  • The Protectors - Episode 107

    The Protectors - Episode 107

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    A female stalker is trying to prevent the Prime Minister Jens Ole Vestergaard from getting married, thinking she is meant to be with him. The PET try to extend the protection to the bride but the stalker always seems to be one step ahead. - Country: Denma

  • The Protectors - Episode 106

    The Protectors - Episode 106

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    Suspicion of a possible terror attack in Copenhagen is growing. Jasmina comes to the rescue when the main witness needs protection. But even though the PET employs unconventional means, they lose track of the terrorist just before detonation time. - Count

  • The Protectors - Episode 105

    The Protectors - Episode 105

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    A friend of Jasmina is convinced that one of her neighbours is preparing a terrorist attack. But the PET is already targeting him and is widening the investigation. - Country: Denmark - Aired on 01/25/2009 - Season 1 Episode 5 - 49:54 - CC - Rated: Not Ra

  • The Protectors - Episode 104

    The Protectors - Episode 104

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    Jasmina who is helping to protect the Prime Minister of the anti-democratic forces, suddenly becomes a target herself. And while the PET discuss how to handle the situation, extremists are secretly infiltrating the police force. - Country: Denmark - Aired

  • The Protectors - Episode 103

    The Protectors - Episode 103

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    After a controversial statement about Denmark’s immigration policy, the Prime Minister’s security has to be enhanced. The three officers Jasmina, Rasmus and Jonas have to protect her from the anti-democratic forces. - Country: Denmark - Aired on 01/11

  • The Protectors - Episode 102

    The Protectors - Episode 102

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    Catic is desperate for revenge after his only son, Ibro, was killed protecting the Danish Defence Minister, Skelbæk. PET increases Skelbaek’s security and the young officers Jasmina, Rasmus and Jonas start their service. - Country: Denmark - Aired on 0

  • The Protectors - Episode 101

    The Protectors - Episode 101

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    When the Minister for Defence, Henrik Skelbæk, arrives in Baghdad to celebrate the New Year with the Danish military forces, PET police (the Secret Service) provides him protection. - Country: Denmark - Aired on 12/31/2008 - Season 1 Episode 1 - 59:08 -