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The Duo

The drama tells the story of two men who were switched at birth. A twist of fate results in Chun Doong (No Young Hak), who is of noble birth, living his life as a slave and later becoming a heroic outlaw, while Gwi Dong (Lee Sang Yoon) was born as a beggar but lives Chun Dong's life as a nobleman, growing up to become a police chief. They both fall in love with the same girl, Dong Nyeo (Han Ji Hye). Making a breakaway from the royal family centered drama, it portrays the lives and the love of the outcasts or the neglected class in the late Joseon Period whose life stories have often been neglected in dramas before. Slaves, beggars, leather shoe makers, thieves, street bums and butchers were those people who were very poor yet good in heart.
  • The Duo - Episode 32

    The Duo - Episode 32

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    Gwidong realizes that the letter was forged and tells Lord Kim not to go to the arranged meeting. He finds out where Chundoong is staying and sets out to wipe out the Arae. - Korean with English subtitles. - Aired: 05/24/2011 - Season 1 Episode 32 - 1:03:

  • The Duo - Episode 31

    The Duo - Episode 31

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    Gwidong tells Dongnyo and Maksun to leave for the countryside. Meanwhile, the Arae find out that Lord Kim and Chundoong met in secret, and they decide to use Chundoong to draw Lord Kim into a trap. - Korean with English subtitles. - Aired: 05/23/2011 - Se

  • The Duo - Episode 30

    The Duo - Episode 30

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    In a fight with Chundoong, Gwidong confesses that they were switched, but at first Chundoong doesn't believe him. He confirms the truth with Maksun and Sedoli and doesn't know how to feel towards Lord Kim. - Korean with English subtitles. - Aire

  • The Duo - Episode 29

    The Duo - Episode 29

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    Gwidong finds out that Chundoong joined the Arae and feels deeply betrayed. Meanwhile, Dongnyo warns Maksun that she's in danger since she's known as Chundoong's birthmother. - Korean with English subtitles. - Aired: 05/16/2011 - Season 1 E

  • The Duo - Episode 28

    The Duo - Episode 28

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    Dongnyo finds out that Chundoong never left for China and realizes he's the leader of the Arae. Meanwhile, Gong promises not to tell Gwidong's secret in return for Gwidong not telling about the money found on Jo's body. - Korean with Englis

  • The Duo - Episode 27

    The Duo - Episode 27

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    When Jo turns up a stiff, Sedoli and Maksun try to figure out who killed him. And when Jo's body isn't properly examined, Gwidong takes it upon himself to examine it. - Korean with English subtitles. - Aired: 05/09/2011 - Season 1 Episode 27 - 1

  • The Duo - Episode 26

    The Duo - Episode 26

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    Gwidong confesses the secret to Dongnyo and apologizes to Maksun for denying her as his mother. Meanwhile, Chundoong is shocked to discover that the mastermind of the corruption is Lord Kim. - Korean with English subtitles. - Aired: 05/03/2011 - Season 1

  • The Duo - Episode 25

    The Duo - Episode 25

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    Even while preoccupied with the fact that Jo is blackmailing her, Maksun manages to burn Denyun's slave papers and set her free. Meanwhile, Chundoong dons a disguise to complete his first mission as the Arae leader. - Korean with English subtitles. -

  • The Duo - Episode 24

    The Duo - Episode 24

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    Chundoong spreads the rumor that he's leaving for China, and moves into the Arae hide-out. Meanwhile, Jo suspects that Chundoong and Gwidong were switched at birth. - Korean with English subtitles. - Aired: 04/26/2011 - Season 1 Episode 24 - 1:03:05

  • The Duo - Episode 23

    The Duo - Episode 23

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    Hunter Kang calls together the Arae members and announces Chundoong as the next leader. Meanwhile, Gwidong witnesses a close moment between Lord Kim and Chundoong and doesn't know how to react. - Korean with English subtitles. - Aired: 04/25/2011 - S

  • The Duo - Episode 22

    The Duo - Episode 22

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    When Hunter Kang disappears without a trace, both the police and the Arae are grown into chaos. Dongnyo hides Kang in her house, and there Kang tells Chundoong that Chundoong is to be the next leader of the Arae. - Korean with English subtitles. - Aired:

  • The Duo - Episode 21

    The Duo - Episode 21

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    Gong captures the injured Hunter Kang and tortures him in front of Gwidong. Disgusted by the police's heinous crimes, Gwidong goes to Chundoong to make an offer. - Korean with English subtitles. - Aired: 04/18/2011 - Season 1 Episode 21 - 1:03:19 - R

  • The Duo - Episode 20

    The Duo - Episode 20

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    Chundoong discovers the Arae outfit in Dalyia's possession and realizes that she, too, is a member. Meanwhile, the Arae set a plan to seize the incoming wagons of tributary payment. - Korean with English subtitles. - Aired: 04/12/2011 - Season 1 Epis

  • The Duo - Episode 19

    The Duo - Episode 19

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    After telling Lord Kim the truth, Maksun asks Sedoli for help, and he suggests that they run away. Meanwhile Dalyi and Old Man Hwang are arrested for harboring Hunter Kang. - Korean with English subtitles. - Aired: 04/11/2011 - Season 1 Episode 19 - 1:03:

  • The Duo - Episode 18

    The Duo - Episode 18

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    Lord Kim sees Chundoong paying his respects at Master Sung's grave and is shocked to see that Chundoong has a red spot behind his ear. - Korean with English subtitles. - Aired: 04/05/2011 - Season 1 Episode 18 - 1:02:58 - Rated: 15

  • The Duo - Episode 17

    The Duo - Episode 17

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    Boss Jang escapes from Lord Wang's grasp with the help of Hunter Kang and determines to avenge Dogab's death. Meanwhile, Chundoong is shocked to hear that Gong is alive and leading the Arae. - Korean with English subtitles. - Aired: 04/04/2011 -

  • The Duo - Episode 16

    The Duo - Episode 16

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    With the appearance of the Arae gang, Lord Wang loses his entire fortune. Meanwhile, Gwidong comes to see Maksun, now rich after having inherited Lord Lee's fortune, and tells her he will not think of her as his mother. - Korean with English subtitle

  • The Duo - Episode 15

    The Duo - Episode 15

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    Chundoong goes to see his father, Lord Lee, bearing gifts, and Lord Lee is surprised that he and Chundoong are nothing alike. Curious about his birthfather, Gwidong also heads to Lord Lee's house. - Korean with English subtitles. - Aired: 03/28/2011

  • The Duo - Episode 14

    The Duo - Episode 14

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    Chundoong finds out that his father is still alive, and he confronts Maksun about deserting him. And Gwidong, who knows the truth now, apologizes to Chundoong for mistreating him in the past and asks him to forgive Maksun. - Korean with English subtitles.

  • The Duo - Episode 13

    The Duo - Episode 13

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    Dogab gets hurt when he sneaks into Hunter Kang's home to find the gun, but Chundoong saves his life. Meanwhile, Gwidong challenges Lord Min's son to an archery contest. - Korean with English subtitles. - Aired: 03/21/2011 - Season 1 Episode 13