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The Best Friend

You know how in romantic comedies there'?s always that gorgeous woman who has everything? Looks, a fabulous career, the perfect apartment, wit, style -- and her only flaw is that she's a bit klutzy -- but on her klutzy is adorable? Well this is not about her --- it'?s about her best friend. Okay, well, really it's about both of them... but as seen through the eyes of the best friend character rather than the seemingly perfect ingenue. Millie Miller and Soozana V. Shephard (aka Sooze) have been friends since fourth grade. It was only recently that Millie realized that she has been living in Sooze's shadow for the last 14 years. While Sooze is MIA because of her "new love" Rick, Millie makes what she feels is another life altering discovery about their relationship. Despite her Mother's protests, Millie heads back to her therapist, hoping for a quick fix and confessing to him that she thinks she is THE UGLY FRIEND. Instead, her "fresh-out-of-therapy school" neighbor / therapist hands out advice that even Millie's over-protective Mother would approve of: "You're not the ugly friend, you're the neurotic friend."
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