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Sweet 18

Kwon Hyuk-Joon's grandfather, the head of the traditional Kwon family agrees to an arranged marriage between his grandson (Lee Dong Gun) and Yoon Jung-Sook (Han Ji Hye) when Yoon Jung-Sook is born. 18 years later, the two families lose contact because soon after the contract is signed, Jung-Sook's family encounters financial issues and is forced to run away. Meanwhile, Jung-Sook has grown up to be a rebellious and strong-willed girl who just wants to live her life as she sees fit. With little aspirations, she is the direct foil of her achievement-bound counterpart, Hyuk-Joon. When the two meet each other, they clash horribly; Jung-Sook thinks her fiancee is nothing but boring, and Hyuk-Joon believes Jung-Sook to be nothing but an immature child. Despite all this they do marry. The rest of the series follows their life living together as a couple, and the obstacles they are faced with.
  • Sweet 18 - Episode 16

    Sweet 18 - Episode 16

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    Grandfather's failing health causes him to collapse. After he falls into a brief coma, Hyuk Joon decides to leave his job as a prosecutor, move to Andong, and take over his duties as firstborn. - Aired: 03/09/2004 - Season 1 Episode 16 - 1:03:45 - Ra

  • Sweet 18 - Episode 15

    Sweet 18 - Episode 15

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    Hyuk Joon and Jeong Sook finally go on their honeymoon. Ga Young and Sun Ah become enemies after she tells Ga Young to back off her brother. - Aired: 03/08/2004 - Season 1 Episode 15 - 1:03:02 - Rated: 15

  • Sweet 18 - Episode 14

    Sweet 18 - Episode 14

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    Due to a random bout of nausea, Jeong Sook and the elders believe she is pregnant. Hyuk Joon thinks its too soon, and the nausea is just being caused by stress. Sun-Ah tells Jung-Sook that she likes Prosecutoor Suh. - Aired: 03/02/2004 - Season 1 Episode

  • Sweet 18 - Episode 13

    Sweet 18 - Episode 13

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    Jeong Sook and Hyuk Joon share their first night together as husband and wife since being married. Sun Ah finds out Ga Young was married in America. When confronting her in front of Jeong Sook, Ga Young blurts out Sun Ah's attempt to get Hyuk Joon ba

  • Sweet 18 - Episode 12

    Sweet 18 - Episode 12

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    Hyuk Joon and Jeong Sook confess their love for each other after he rescues her from the kidnapping. Sun Ah, his sister, tries to keep them apart. - Aired: 02/24/2004 - Season 1 Episode 12 - 59:16 - Rated: 15

  • Sweet 18 - Episode 11

    Sweet 18 - Episode 11

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    Ga Young and Jung Sook get into a fight and the Zhuge Clan shows up. They intend to kidnap Ga Young but Jung Sook fights them. They end up kidnapping Jung Sook. Hyuk Joon finds the location she is being held and comes to resue her but they are surrounded

  • Sweet 18 - Episode 10

    Sweet 18 - Episode 10

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    Ga Young acts as an informant against the Zhuge Clan, which she is defending, and gets attacked as a result. She uses her injuries to try to get Hyuk Joon to spend the night with her. Jung Sook learns from Nam Chul that Ga Young was the informant and that

  • Sweet 18 - Episode 9

    Sweet 18 - Episode 9

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    Jung Sook tells Ga Young she knows about her being Hyuk Joon's first love and tells her she doesn't want to see her anymore because she doubts her motives. Ga Young confesses to Hyuk Joon that she still has feelings for him. - Aired: 02/16/2004

  • Sweet 18 - Episode 8

    Sweet 18 - Episode 8

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    Jung Sook and Hyuk Joon share their first real kiss, but the next day Hyuk Joon tells her it was a mistake and wants her to forget it ever happened. Of course that doesw not set well with her. Ga Young and Hyuk Joon's sister plot to get Jung Sook out

  • Sweet 18 - Episode 7

    Sweet 18 - Episode 7

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    Ga Young sets up a dinner meeting with Jung Sook and asks her to bring her husband. After dinner she makes a scene and tells Jung Sook that Hyuk Joon accused of befriending her with ulterior motives hoping to cause a fight between them. Jung Sook unknowin

  • Sweet 18 - Episode 6

    Sweet 18 - Episode 6

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    Hyuk Joon's ex-girlfriend, Ga Young, returns as the attorney of the crime boss he is trying to put in jail. Ga Young befriends Jung Sook without revealing she is Hyuk Joon's ex in an attempt to tear them apart. She gives Jung Sook two tickets to

  • Sweet 18 - Episode 5

    Sweet 18 - Episode 5

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    Hyuk Joon's ex-girlfriend returns to Seoul, wanting to get back together with him and get married. After a misunderstanding, Jung Sook believes her husband is having an affair. Hyuk Joon's gradfather and uncle pay a suprise visit and he thinks H

  • Sweet 18 - Episode 4

    Sweet 18 - Episode 4

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    Jung Sook and Hyuk Joon have a beautiful traditional wedding. But after the wedding, the stress of their first night together causes tension between the newlyweds. Jung Sook wants a real marriage and tries everything she can to get Hyuk Joon into bed. He

  • Sweet 18 - Episode 3

    Sweet 18 - Episode 3

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    Jung Sook makes a bad first impression with Hyuk Joon's sister and later further complicates things at a party when she tells everyone she is a college graduate and majored in opera. Jung Sook packs her things and leaves home leaving a note to call o

  • Sweet 18 - Episode 2

    Sweet 18 - Episode 2

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    Hyuk Joon goes to his grandfather's house to tell him he will not marry Jung Sook. However, he finds Hyuk Joon is already there with Grandfather and she acting like a loving finacee. What he doesn't know is she has figured out that he was the st

  • Sweet 18 - Episode 1

    Sweet 18 - Episode 1

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    Jung Sook falls in love with a stranger wearing traditional garments only to realize the man she is arranged to marry is the very same person, a prosecutor named Hyuk Joon. - Aired: 01/19/2004 - Season 1 Episode 1 - 1:01:07 - Rated: 15