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The inhabitants of a fading seaside resort join forces to save their town when its main employer is threatened with closure. Thanks to a quirky new resident, might just find a way to revive the town's fortunes and keep its traditions alive.
  • Sugartown - Episode 3

    Sugartown - Episode 3

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    The town is reeling from Carmen's disappearance and the revelation of Max's parenthood. And Emily cannot stop herself brooding over Max, who has finally faced his real feelings for her. - Aired on 08/07/2011 - Season 1 Episode 3 - 59:33 - Rated:

  • Sugartown - Episode 2

    Sugartown - Episode 2

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    Jason re-launches the Rock Factory in an effort to save it from Max's hostile takeover. But Max is after more than Jason's business; he is also gunning for Jason's fiancée, Emily. Meanwhile, Sam and Carmen open Sugartown's Dance Acade

  • Sugartown - Episode 1

    Sugartown - Episode 1

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    Jason's surprise engagement party for Emily is derailed by the return of his brother, Max, who wants to redevelop the town, starting with a controversial new nightspot. - Aired on 07/24/2011 - Season 1 Episode 1 - 59:21 - Rated: TV-PG