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Candid, funny and very sweet, Starlings will warm your heart with familiar eccentricities, following the daily lives of a down to earth, working class family that is barely holding it together.
  • Starlings - Episode 108

    Starlings - Episode 108

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    Terry and Charlie are working together at renovating a decrepit stately home and find themselves saddled with the annoying fly-by-night Barry whose performance as a colleague tries Terry's patience. - Aired on 07/01/2012 - Season 1 Episode 8 - 44:23

  • Starlings - Episode 107

    Starlings - Episode 107

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    Loz and Fergie set up a taxi cab business. Bell and Reuben's relationship is getting even rockier so they decide to see a counselor and Terry is excited at the prospect of meeting his idol, former soccer legend Rodney McQueen. - Aired on 06/24/2012 -

  • Starlings - Episode 106

    Starlings - Episode 106

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    With the house to themselves, Jan and Terry celebrate their wedding anniversary. Reuben whisks Bell away to a fancy spa hotel. Meanwhile, Fergie organizes a wild camping trip to Yorkshire for the others; which ends up being wilder than envisaged. - Aired

  • Starlings - Episode 105

    Starlings - Episode 105

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    The pub quiz arrives and Terry is determined to beat his nemesis to first prize. Much to Loz' horror, his brother Lee turns up unannounced. Meanwhile, it's Jan's turn to host her book club and Grandad makes an emotional journey. - Aired on

  • Starlings - Episode 104

    Starlings - Episode 104

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    Charlie has a new love interest, much to Terry's annoyance. Meanwhile Reuben is attacked at work and ends up in the hospital. Terry and Jan realize parenting doesn't get any easier with age. - Aired on 06/03/2012 - Season 1 Episode 4 - 43:34- Ra

  • Starlings - Episode 103

    Starlings - Episode 103

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    Jan looks for peace and quiet to write, whilst Loz looks for a new home. Grandad gets bitten by a spider while Gravy meets a new lady. Following a leak at the house, Terry’s plans are thwarted by a power cut, but still the visitors keep arriving. - Aire

  • Starlings - Episode 102

    Starlings - Episode 102

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    Fergie settles in to his new home and Grandad helps Jan clear the garage of her competition prizes. Charlie has her first day working in the family business, but Terry worries about the timing. Meanwhile, the Starling family support Loz at an art fair. -

  • Starlings - Episode 101

    Starlings - Episode 101

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    Bell's having a home birth, but some members of the Starling family are finding it harder to cope than others. Jan's nephew Fergie arrives and although the family celebrate the safe arrival of the new baby Zac, something is still bothering Terry