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"Sirius" revolves around Identical twin brothers Eun-Chang and Shin-Woo (both played by Seo Jun-Young). When they were teens, Eun-Chang was a bright and popular kid, but went to jail because of Shin-Woo. Since then, his life has changed completely. Meanwhile, Shin-Woo always felt inferior to his brother and his feelings for his brother became more complicated after his brother was imprisoned. Shin-Woo is now the chief detective of a police investigation team. He works mainly with drug investigations. Eun-Chang now works as an errand man at a hostess bar. A conspiracy is implemented by Ko Seok-Min (Ryu Seung-Soo) and the twin brothers change positions. Eun-Chang now acts as Shin-Woo in the police department. Shin-Woo is shocked that his brother stole his identity and begins to take actions to get his identity back. Meanwhile, Ko Seok-Min proposes a deal with Eun-Chang.
  • Sirius - Episode 4 (Final Ep)

    Sirius - Episode 4 (Final Ep)

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    Eunchang gets caught by Ko Seokmin's people again to save his little brother Shinwu. Shinwu starts to have doubts about his hatred toward his big brother. But meanwhile, Ko Seokmin proposes a dangerous game to Shinwu. - Aired: 01/27/2013 - Drama Spec

  • Sirius - Episode 3

    Sirius - Episode 3

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    Shinwu witnesses Eunchang handing over drugs to Ko Minseok and gets furious and puts out an APB on Eunchang. Eunchang becomes a fugitive and decides to forget everything about his brother. Ko Minseok tries to do a deal with the drugs he got from Eunchang.

  • Sirius - Episode 2

    Sirius - Episode 2

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    Drug dealer Ko Minseok takes Shinwu hostage and forces Eunchang to take his brother's place in the police station and arrest anyone Mr. Ko points to. Eunchang goes to work at the police station but Team Leader Lee feels something is not right with Ch

  • Sirius - Episode 1

    Sirius - Episode 1

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    Do Shinwu is an elite chief detective who passes the bar exam but chose to become a cop. He participates in catching bad guys and gives orders to people who are almost his father's age. He's a reasonable person normally but is very persistent in