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Scientific American Frontiers

Alan Alda brings his unique blend of curiosity and humor to the exploration of the latest trends in science, medicine, technology and the environment. Join Alda as he takes us from the depths of the conscious mind to the outer reaches of the universe.
  • 26:22 Chimp Minds

    Chimp Minds

    by Admin Added 52 Views / 0 Likes - A visit with an engaging if unruly bunch of cousins that we formally broke up with about 6 or 7 million years ago.

  • 26:23 Going Deep

    Going Deep

    by Admin Added 46 Views / 0 Likes - The deep sub Alvin, past and future.

  • 26:22 Cars that Think

    Cars that Think

    by Admin Added 47 Views / 0 Likes - Cars that do your thinking for you are just around the corner.

  • 26:23 Robot Pals

    Robot Pals

    by Admin Added 53 Views / 0 Likes - We'll meet three robots - including a future member of an astronaut team - that are trying to better understand us.

  • 26:29 Surgical Slimmers

    Surgical Slimmers

    by Admin Added 68 Views / 0 Likes - In spite of the risks, people are lining up to solve their weight problems in the operating room.

  • 26:20 Cybersenses


    by Admin Added 58 Views / 0 Likes - Replacement synthetic senses for people are now a reality.

  • 26:20 The Secret Canyon

    The Secret Canyon

    by Admin Added 60 Views / 0 Likes - The best kept secret of American archeology is now revealed.

  • 26:22 Hidden Motives

    Hidden Motives

    by Admin Added 52 Views / 0 Likes - If you think you know why you do things, you're probably wrong.

  • 26:24 Hydrogen Hopes

    Hydrogen Hopes

    by Admin Added 61 Views / 0 Likes - We've all heard of hydrogen as the fuel of the future, but what will it take to get there from here?

  • 26:09 Hot Planet - Cold Comfort

    Hot Planet - Cold Comfort

    by Admin Added 57 Views / 0 Likes - So you think global warming won't affect you?