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Sci-Fi Movies Int (Eng)

  • Things to Come (1936) Colorized

    Things to Come (1936) Colorized

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    From H.G. Wells' shocking book, Things to Come tells about a post-apocolyptic world where civilization has been torn apart by war. A mysterious stranger offers a new path free of war and strife. - Release Date: 02/20/1936 - Feature Film - 1:30:35 - R

  • RoboGeisha (2009) Dub

    RoboGeisha (2009) Dub

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    Kikue (Hitomi Hasebe) is a geisha known for her glamour and grace. Yoshie (Aya Kiguchi) is her abused sister, banished to the shadows. When a mysterious corporation transforms their bodies into murderous machines for an army of Geisha assassins, the rival

  • Gamera Vs Jiger (1970) Dubbed

    Gamera Vs Jiger (1970) Dubbed

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    When an ancient statue is moved for display in World Fair Expo 1970, a giant, vaguely Triceratops-like monster is released. The giant creature attacks and it's up to Gamera to stop it. Also known as: Gamera vs. Monster X. - Release Date: 03/21/1970 -

  • Gamera: Super Monster (1980) Dubbed

    Gamera: Super Monster (1980) Dubbed

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    Awakened from his arctic tomb by an atomic bomb, Gamara is the last survivor of a species of colossal chelonians rumored to have originated 8,000 years ago from the lost continent of Atlantis. - Release Date: 03/20/1980 - Movie - 1:31:56 - Rated: Not Rate

  • Popular Things to Come (1936)

    Things to Come (1936)

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    A global war begins in 1940 and lasts many decades. Most people still alive - mostly those born after the war started - do not even know who started it or why. Society has broken down into primitive localised communities. In 1966 a great plague wipes out