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Sci-Fi Movies

  • 1:17:41 Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) Colorized

    Plan 9 from Outer Space (1959) Colorized

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    Aliens resurrect dead humans as zombies and vampires to stop human kind from creating the Solaranite (a sort of sun-driven bomb). - Release Date: 07/02/1959 - Feature Film - 1:17:41 - Rated: Not Rated Country: USA - Language: English - Genres: Sci-Fi

  • The Dinosaur Experiment (2012)

    The Dinosaur Experiment (2012)

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    Fossil Ridge is a quaint little town in Texas, a hundred miles from the closest city, home to one gas station which doubles as a diner is about to be turned upside down. - Release Date: 04/01/2012 - Movie - 1:28:18 - CC - Rated: PG-13 Country: USA - Langu

  • Solarbabies (1986)

    Solarbabies (1986)

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    In the future, a nuclear war has left the Earth as a desert wasteland where the ocean has dried up leaving the Earth as a vast desert landscape. Most of the water supplies are controlled by the elite corporation E-Protecorate, where the E-Protectcorate ta

  • Supercroc (2010)

    Supercroc (2010)

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    It's 50 feet's 25 feet tall...and in 14 hours, it will be here! A team of soldiers must stop a giant, bloodthirsty crocodile from reaching a nearby city, while trying to avoid being a meal for the beast themselves. - Release Date: 11/0

  • Dark Metropolis (2010)

    Dark Metropolis (2010)

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    Mankind has lost a 300-year war against a genetically enhanced race that man created, abused and finally tortured. Now the descendants of that race - known as the 'Ghen' - control the planet Earth from advanced underground cities. An entire new

  • Battle: New York - Day Two (2007)

    Battle: New York - Day Two (2007)

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    Aliens attack New York city, and as a group of rag-tag survivors attempts to save themselves -- and what is left of the human race -- the aliens' plans begin to unravel. - Release Date: 08/22/2007 - Movie - 1:33:03 - Rated: Not Rated Country: USA - L

  • War of the Worlds (2005)

    War of the Worlds (2005)

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    In this modern retelling of H.G. Wells' classic sci-fi horror, civilization is laid to ruin when a super race of aliens invades Earth. In a blink of an eye, massive "walkers" cover the planet, annihilating all in their path. As cities crumb

  • Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn (2012)

    Halo 4: Forward Unto Dawn (2012)

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    In 2525, a United Nations Space Command (UNSC) cadet experiences a crisis of conscience before facing the Covenant on the battlefield, and draws inspiration from Master Chief while fighting for the future of mankind. - Release Date: 12/04/2012 - Movie - 1

  • Star Worms II Attack of the Pleasure Pods (1985)

    Star Worms II Attack of the Pleasure Pods (1985)

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    Jessup, forced to hide his true identity, is imprisoned on a deadly and desolate planet, the Star Prison. banished to mine rabid rivers for the elusive Fire Gems, Jessup and his men must battle bands of derelict prisoners and fight the fatal fangs of the

  • 1:24:35 Popular A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell (1990)

    A Nymphoid Barbarian in Dinosaur Hell (1990)

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    In a post Armageddon world, a young woman finds herself in a fight for survival against mutant cavemen, dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Sci-Fi - Release Date: 1990 - Feature Film - 1:24:35 - Rated: R Country: USA - Langua

  • Random Quest (2006)

    Random Quest (2006)

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    Colin Trafford, a disenchanted research physicist, is knocked unconscious when an experiment with a particle accelerator goes wrong and, when he awakes, he finds himself in a parallel world. - Genre - Sci-Fi, Romance - Country: UK- Release Date: 11/27/200

  • The Wraith (1986)

    The Wraith (1986)

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    Jake is killed by neighborhood thugs, and returns as a mystical figure (The Wraith) to gain revenge. - Release Date: 11/21/1986 - Movie - 1:32:48 - Rated: PG-13

  • Timestalkers (1987)

    Timestalkers (1987)

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    A history professor (William Devane), becomes involved with two time travellers from the year 2586 after making a discovery in an old photograph. One of the time travellers is determined to change the course of history, the other to stop him. The professo

  • Primer (2004)

    Primer (2004)

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    While conducting experiments in a garage, two brilliant engineers who lead double lives accidentally discover that their project enables them to travel back in time. - Release Date: 10/08/2004 - Movie - 1:17:14 - Rated: PG-13

  • Lunopolis (2009)

    Lunopolis (2009)

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    When two documentary filmmakers find evidence of a hidden base on the moon, they quickly become entangled in uncovering a secret history of earth that was meant to be long forgotten. - Release Date: 10/11/2009 - Movie - 1:37:45 - Rated: Not Rated

  • Popular Assignment Terror (1970)

    Assignment Terror (1970)

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    Aliens from a dying world plot to conquer earth by praying on man's superstitions. Bringing two dead scientists (Michael Rennie and Karin Dor) back to life, they use their knowledge to re-animate various earth monsters, including the werewolf Waldema

  • Inalienable (2010)

    Inalienable (2010)

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    Dr. Eric Norris (Richard Hatch), a brilliant researcher guilt-ridden over a family tragedy. But when an extraterrestrial parasite fuses with his DNA, Norris gives birth to a half-human, half-alien progeny. - Release Date: 02/24/2010 - Feature Film - 1:46:

  • Popular Interplanetary (2011)

    Interplanetary (2011)

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    Nine men and women, employees of Interplanetary Copreration, live and work on Mars. Their days aren't particularly interesting, much less exciting, until they are assulted by a murderous band of strangers and a seemingly unstoppable reptilian humanoi

  • Terror Is a Man (1959)

    Terror Is a Man (1959)

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    A mad scientist transforms a panther into a man-like creature that escapes and goes on a murderous rampage. - Release Date: 06/23/1959 - Feature Film - 1:29:52 - Rated: Not Rated

  • The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989)

    The Trial of the Incredible Hulk (1989)

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    When David Banner is held for questioning about a mob crime, his only chance lies with his lawyer who is also the superhero, Daredevil. - Release Date: 1989 - TV Movie - 1:35:19 - Rated: Not Rated