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Renegade is based in fictitious Bay City, California. It is the story of San Diego cop Reno Raines and his fight to clear his name after he is framed for murder. On his way to clear his name he meets Bobby Six killer a bounty hunter and he decides to team up with him and his sister.
  • Renegade - Final Judgement, Ep 103

    Renegade - Final Judgement, Ep 103

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    Reno learns that the cell mate of Otto - the man that framed Reno under Dickerson's orders - has escaped, and is after the judge who sent him to prison. Reno tries to find him hoping he might know something about Dickerson. - Aired: 10/03/1992 - Seas

  • Renegade - Hunting Accident, Ep 102

    Renegade - Hunting Accident, Ep 102

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    Reno saves Boone, who was run off the road in a strange accident. Boone invites him to his place - only to discover he is a man on the run. Later at a local bar, Boone shows his real self, and attempts to expose Reno. - Aired: 09/26/1992 - Season 1 Episod

  • Renegade - Renegade, Ep 101

    Renegade - Renegade, Ep 101

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    Reno Raines is a cop who denounced another cop to defend justice, and was framed by dirty cops. A murder attempt on his life leaves his fiancee in a vegetative condition. - Aired: 09/19/1992 - Season 1 Episode 1 - 45:08 - Rated: Not Rated