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Pretty Tough

For Charlie, life at the elite Beachwood Academy means a daily onslaught of bullying and teasing. A tough loner, she likes to live her own life, which includes surfing the waves of the beautiful Malibu shores. Krista, Charlie’s older sister, couldn’t be more different. She’s very territorial with a strong mean streak that’s regularly directed at her sister. Against the backdrop of high-end lifestyles and even higher expectations, the sisters’ relationship is a tumultuous one and their rivalry runs deep. So when they are both recruited for the high school soccer team, will they be able to work together and face their differences in time to reach the championships? Based on the successful eponymous book by Liz Tigelaar.
  • Pretty Tough - Episode 5

    Pretty Tough - Episode 5

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    Tempers flare between Charlie and Krista at the CIF championship game. Charlie and Krista mend their relationship when they learn about Martie’s tragic past. Brooks gets upset when Cam chooses Krista’s game over her. - Aired on 09/08/2011 - Season 1 E

  • Pretty Tough - Episode 4

    Pretty Tough - Episode 4

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    The girls go to the homecoming dance. Charlie tries to reconcile with Regan but Regan rejects her. Noah admits his feelings for Krista. Charlie and her new love interest get closer. Cam gets angry when Krista wont have sex with him. - Aired on 09/01/2011

  • Pretty Tough - Episode 3

    Pretty Tough - Episode 3

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    Martie changes Charlie and Krista’s positions on the soccer team. Krista is devastated when she’s not picked to be team captain. During the first soccer game, the other team plays dirty, Charlie retaliates and looses the game for her team. - Aired on

  • Pretty Tough - Episode 2

    Pretty Tough - Episode 2

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    It’s hell week for the soccer team. Charlie makes new friends. Krista has trouble writing her college entrance essay. Noah tries to flirt with Krista. Krista finally mails off her Denver University application. - Aired on 08/18/2011 - Season 1 Episode 2

  • Pretty Tough - Episode 1

    Pretty Tough - Episode 1

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    Charlie is apprehensive to begin the new school year. Martie recruits Charlie to be on the soccer team alongside her sister Krista. - Aired on 08/11/2011 - Season 1 Episode 1 - 22:05 - Rated: Not Rated

  • Pretty Tough - Trailer

    Pretty Tough - Trailer

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    Set in the privileged and picturesque world of Malibu, PRETTY TOUGH centers on Charlie and Krista Brown, two sisters at opposite ends of the popularity spectrum, who must learn to play together on the sports field and in life... - Aired on 08/11/2011 - Se