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Detective Inspector Rebecca Flint meets space scientist Dr Christian King when a series of images are transmitted from space into his laboratory. The team races against time to put together the clues and try to prevent almost certain tragedy.
  • Paradox - Episode 5 (Final Ep)

    Paradox - Episode 5 (Final Ep)

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    Rebecca always suspected she was helping to cause the events they were supposed to stop. Now she is convinced of this and they receive images more intimate than anything they have previously dealt with. - Aired on 12/22/2009 - Season 1 Episode 5 - 52 min

  • Paradox - Episode 4

    Paradox - Episode 4

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    The team receives double the amount of images in what appears to be their most unfathomable mystery so far. The images seem to be predicting a robbery, a fire and multiple deaths, but how can they trace so many clues in so little time? - Aired on 12/15/20

  • Paradox - Episode 3

    Paradox - Episode 3

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    A serial rapist is due to commit a violent attack and murder in a few hours, and Rebecca is determined not to let this happen. But she is beginning to feel conflicted about her new role; she begins to question the responsibility of seeing the future… -

  • Paradox - Episode 2

    Paradox - Episode 2

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    After last time, Rebecca is determined not to make the same mistakes again. She is desperate to change the future and save a boy's life. But with minutes to spare, Rebecca learns of a second death scheduled to take place at the zero hour - DS Ben Hol

  • Paradox - Episode 1

    Paradox - Episode 1

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    Dr Christian King, a world-renowned astrophysicist, claims to have received a series of images from space. Is this an elaborate warning of a terrorist attack or could it be something else? Uncertain, DI Rebecca Flint and her team begin the investigation.