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My Santa

An unlucky boy named Santa was born on Christmas Eve whose parents don't even care about meets a santa- in- training girl name Mai. She is determined to wish him the best Christmas he will ever have and its gets even better when they fall in love with each other. Mai, a Santa in training, appears in front of an Unlucky boy named Santa, on Christmas Eve, promising him, she will make him happy for one night. Objectionable content: Significant
  • My Santa - Merry Christmas Once More, Ep 2

    My Santa - Merry Christmas Once More, Ep 2

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    During a trip to the beach, one of Mai's rivals appears with news: Mai's been called back to Santa School and only has until Christmas Eve to say goodbye to her new beau! - Aired: 12/07/2005 - Season 1 Episode 1 - 27:48 - Rated: TV-MA - Final Ep

  • My Santa - My Santa, Ep 1

    My Santa - My Santa, Ep 1

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    With his birthday so close to Christmas, Santa feels like he falls between the cracks of everyone's festive happiness - until he gets a kiss from Mai, a cute and crazy Santa-in-training who's been sent to bring him some holiday cheer! - Aired: 1