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Mistrals Daughter

Three generations of magnificent red-haired beauties born to scandal and bound to a single extraordinary man- Julien Mistral, the painter, the genius, the lover whose passions seared them all…
  • Mistral's Daughter - Episode 8

    Mistral's Daughter - Episode 8

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    Upon hearing Mistral plans leave Fauve his most valuable paintings so she can inherit his fortune and legacy, Kate discloses Mistral’s Nazi ties, hoping to destroy their relationship. - Aired on 10/01/1984 - Season 1 Episode 8 - 55:12 - Rated: Not Rated

  • Mistral's Daughter - Episode 7

    Mistral's Daughter - Episode 7

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    Mistral returns to Kate following Teddy’s death but Fauve spends summers with him in in France. As time passes, Fauve is growing up and starts a teen romance with Adrian Avigdor's son Eric. - Aired on 09/24/1984 - Season 1 Episode 7 - 55:12 - Rated

  • Mistral's Daughter - Episode 6

    Mistral's Daughter - Episode 6

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    Kate returns to Mistral in war torn Europe, rekindling their romance and leading to a daughter named Nadine. Meanwhile, Teddy is all grown up and pursuing her own career as a model. - Aired on 09/29/1984 - Season 1 Episode 6 - 55:22 - Rated: Not Rated

  • Mistral's Daughter - Episode 5

    Mistral's Daughter - Episode 5

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    As tensions heat up on the brink of World War II, Mistral’success only makes him more vile as he collaborates with the Nazis to get paint and canvases and fails to help his Jewish dealer Adrian Avigdor flee from the German troops. - Aired on 09/28/1984

  • Mistral's Daughter - Episode 4

    Mistral's Daughter - Episode 4

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    Maggy tries to sell her jewelry to provide for her daughter. When the jeweler finds out she is Jewish he contacts a friend in the fashion industry, giving Maggy a second chance at modeling. - Aired on 09/27/1984 - Season 1 Episode 4 - 55:28 - Rated: Not R

  • Mistral's Daughter - Episode 3

    Mistral's Daughter - Episode 3

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    Maggy and Perry’s romance leads to a daughter named Teddy, but Perry’s Catholic wife refuses to grant him a divorce. Maggy and Teddy move to America, with the hope that things work out, but upon arriving, find out Perry has died in an accident. - Aire

  • Mistral's Daughter - Episode 2

    Mistral's Daughter - Episode 2

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    Maggy and Mistral’s torrid affair ends when he falls for the scheming Kate who has helped push his art career forward. But Maggy soon finds love again as she is wooed by a wealthy Irish- American banker, Perry Killkullen. - Aired on 09/25/1984 - Season

  • Mistral's Daughter - Episode 1

    Mistral's Daughter - Episode 1

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    Maggy finds a modeling career and much more when she meets Julien Mistral, a painter who soon takes her home to pose, As his muse and lover, Mistral’s paintings become legendary and Maggy enjoys great success as a model. - Aired on 09/24/1984 - Season 1