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Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo

Also known as Itazura na Kiss, the classic manga gets a makeover with this new adaptation of a girl who doesn't accept no for an answer. When it comes to academics, Kotoko isn't very bright, but she falls in love at first sight with the handsome, intelligent Naoki at their high school entrance ceremony. As a third-year student, she writes him a love letter, works up the courage to give it to him... and is flat-out rejected by Naoki. But then one day, Kotoko's newly-constructed house is destroyed by a falling meteor. During the period of reconstruction, she and her father are invited to stay with one of his old friends. However, as it turns out, that old friend is one Mr. Irie, father of Naoki. Despite living together, Naoki is as disdainful as ever. But Kotoko presses on with the battle to win him over.