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Lost In Austen

A thoroughly modern heroine threatens to ruin one of the world’s greatest literary love stories in this ingenious reinvention of Jane Austen’s Pride And Prejudice. Hollywood actress Alex Kingston stars alongside an acclaimed cast, including Hugh Bonneville, Lindsay Duncan and new Bond girl Gemma Arterton. Bored bank worker Amanda Price literally becomes lost in her favourite Austen book, after she finds a strange portal in her bathroom and swaps places with its heroine Elizabeth Bennet. As she gets to know the Bennet family and encounters the famous Mr Darcy, how can she keep this celebrated romance on track? - TV Mini-Series
  • Lost In Austen - Episode 4

    Lost In Austen - Episode 4

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    Darcy announces his engagement to Caroline; Amanda’s nemesis. This is coupled with the news that Bingley has run off with Lydia. This is surely all wrong; in the book Lydia ran away with Wickham! The party rush to London to discover them. - Aired on 09/

  • Lost In Austen - Episode 3

    Lost In Austen - Episode 3

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    Amanda is forced to take a room at the inn in Meryton. When the situation turns ugly, Wickham comes to her rescue. Wickham takes Amanda under his wing. He sees that Darcy is under her spell and tells her that Darcy is her destiny. - Aired on 09/17/2008 -

  • Lost In Austen - Episode 2

    Lost In Austen - Episode 2

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    Amanda arrives at Netherfield to find that Jane is indeed very ill. However the plan seems to be working; Bingley is falling for Jane! But just when the story seems to be getting back on track, Mr Bennets’ grisly cousin, Mr Collins, arrives. - Aired on

  • Lost In Austen - Episode 1

    Lost In Austen - Episode 1

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    Amanda Price, a young woman living in Hammersmith, London, spends yet another evening reading her beloved Pride and Prejudice. On hearing a sound in her bathroom, Amanda finds herself face to face with one of her treasured protagonists, Elizabeth Bennet.