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London Hospital

Romance, surgery and history combine in this vivid, atmospheric drama based on the lives and case notes of doctors, nurses and patients at the Royal London Hospital a century ago.
  • London Hospital - Episode 104 (S1 Finale)

    London Hospital - Episode 104 (S1 Finale)

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    With the hospital facing imminent financial collapse, chairman Sydney Holland launches an inspired campaign to raise money. The cost of building the modern city is revealed when workers on the new Rotherhithe Tunnel are admitted. - Aired on 04/30/2008 - S

  • London Hospital - Episode 103

    London Hospital - Episode 103

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    Ward sister Ada Russell is overwhelmed by the strain of running of a busy ward and her true feelings for her fiancé. Nobby Clark is hospitalized with alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver, aged just 15. His path crosses with Ada with unexpected results. - Aire

  • London Hospital - Episode 102

    London Hospital - Episode 102

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    The hospital is using a radical new technique, ultra-violet light, to treat skin disease caused by unsanitary living conditions in the East End. Queen Alexandra visits with her sister the dowager empress of Russia to see the hospital. - Aired on 04/06/200

  • London Hospital - Episode 101

    London Hospital - Episode 101

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    In 1906 London, the casualty room of the London Hospital deals with a wide variety of cases. As a charity hospital, they refuse no one and are also located in the East End where the working poor are in the majority. - Aired on 03/30/2008 - Season 1 Episod