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Inspire Now (English)

It is a weekly magazine show co-produced with ELLE atTV. You'll be able to watch a magazine on TV. The show will present the trends and hot issues of global fashion, beauty, culture, and lifestyle that will inspire the viewer's lifestyle. This program is comprised of four features which are "On Spot," "In-Depth," "Best Star Style Hot 5," and "Top People." The program also plans on visiting the photo shoots of Korea's best celebrities for ELLE and ELLE GIRL and present their interviews, their photo shoot process and behind stories. We plan to let the world know the value of Korea's attraction as the place where all the worldwide beauty brands are competing to enter and as the place that determines success or failure at the Asian market. Therefore, we plan on introducing Korean brand products as a world power of beauty, our unique knowhow, and Seoul Collection in introducing Korean beauty and fashion to the world. Introduction of 4 Features 1) On Spot We will deliver the news on the launchings of new products, new season's fashion shows, photo shoots for fashion and beauty commercials in presenting the latest trends of fashion and beauty. 2) Best Star Style HOT 5 We will pick top 5 celebrities according to a theme and take a look at their style. With professional and skillful comments from the best fashion and beauty editors of ELLE, ELLE GIRL, Avenuel, and Luel, it will be easier to understand the styling methods of the stars. We will also present tips on hair, make-up, and lifestyle on hobbies and talents and not limit ourselves to fashion. 3) In-Depth We will pick a question about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle every week to present an accurate solution to the viewers by looking into the question from various angles with professionals. 4) Top People ELLE and ELLE GIRL are the co-producers of this feature. We will show you the best Korean celebrities on their photo shoots! It is a mini-documentary, showing the simple sides of the Korean celebrities in their photo shoots.