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The year is 2012. Due to an environmental contaminant, the human population has been decimated, including all males, leaving only women behind. Facing extinction, some have decided to accept their doom and live to seek pleasure; others are still trying to use science to fight off that fate. In central Tokyo, one of the last inhabited areas in the world, these two groups face off in a struggle over a hidden sample of “ICE,” a substance that could save humanity.
  • Ice - Answer, Ep 3

    Ice - Answer, Ep 3

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    An otherworldly crisis has arisen, and it is up to the remaining warriors to fight it off. The death of one may save millions, but only a select few can realize this outcome. Will it be enough to save this world from the brink of nothingness? - Aired on 0

  • Ice - Rule, Ep 2

    Ice - Rule, Ep 2

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    The sounds of war are overtaking the populace, and the zealous leaders of humanity are preparing for anything. Within this chaos, new discoveries are made that will shake the crumbling foundation of society and reveal truths that no one expected. - Aired

  • Ice - Heart, Ep 1

    Ice - Heart, Ep 1

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    The last man on Earth has died, and a desperate struggle to obtain the last known specimens of male DNA has begun. Friendships will end, nations crumble, and a dying Earth will either take steps toward recovery or stride to destruction. - Aired on 05/25/2