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Hair Show

A story that about the top 1% of hair designers in Kangnam who're determined to display their skills and soothe the hearts of tired souls who're exhausted from life with their warm hands. Ever since the fateful day when she took up a part-time job at J Hair Collection and saw how the designers there can bring out the beauty and stylishness that people had never thought they had possessed, she was determined to become a hair stylist and make people happy using the talent at her fingertips.
  • Hair Show - Episode 4 (Final Ep)

    Hair Show - Episode 4 (Final Ep)

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    Even though her wrist aches, Minhui participates in Hair Week. She tries to get Yeongwon, who knows her secret, as an assistant. Because Eunsu loves Minhui, Yeongwon helps her because he believes it will make Eunsu happy. Yeongwon learns that Eunsu will r

  • Hair Show - Episode 3

    Hair Show - Episode 3

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    Cute Minhui and Eunsu battle it out in the Seoul-Paris memorial photo shoot. Eunsu’s team goes to the countryside to do community service. Yeongwon falls in love with Eunsu and Eunsu learns the truth about Minhui. What will happen next? - Aired: 04/10/201

  • Hair Show - Episode 2

    Hair Show - Episode 2

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    Shampoo In a twist of fate, Yeongwon is employed at the famous J Hair and the staff is not happy about it. The city mayor is looking for a haircut in preparation for a Seoul-Paris cultural exchange event, but his lack of confidence in his balding head mak

  • Hair Show - Episode 1

    Hair Show - Episode 1

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    Hair Designer Yeongwon participated in a J Hair contest as a hair model 7 years ago. Influenced by her own image transformation with her new do, she aspires to one day become a hair designer herself. Through a friend, Yeongwon is able to get back stage to