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A highly popular TV series about a new batch of trainees in the Indian Army commando regiment.
  • Fauji - Episode 13 (Final Ep)

    Fauji - Episode 13 (Final Ep)

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    The commandos succeed in the mission and are sent to the war front. Abhi and Kishore are badly injured and sent to the local army hospital. Yasin and Varun are missing. Kiran gives blood to Abhi and saves him. Abhi goes to Rajasthan with Madhu to meet her

  • Fauji - Episode 12

    Fauji - Episode 12

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    The attack begins. Kiran arrives at the base and meets Vicky. Neeraj, Nitin and Shadab return to base while others are untraceable. Yasin gets badly injured in the war. - Aired: 1988 - Season 1 Episode 12 - 23:10 - CC - Rated: TV-14

  • Fauji - Episode 11

    Fauji - Episode 11

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    The real danger begins now as all the faujis land up in the forest area. They decide their positions as instructed by Abhi and get ready for the attack. Kiran wants her posting to be shifted on the war front as she wants to cover the war. - Aired: 1988 -

  • Fauji - Episode 10

    Fauji - Episode 10

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    Clippings of the ongoing war are shown and the commandos are getting ready for the battle. They discuss the operational plan. Meanwhile, Vicky opposes Abhi's involvement in the war. They argue but finally Abhi goes for the mission. - Aired: 1988 - Se

  • Fauji - Episode 9

    Fauji - Episode 9

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    The commandos are being trained for war. Meanwhile Parvati's father agrees to her marriage with Kishore. During the wedding procession, Kiran and Madhu imagine their own weddings. During the wedding, Varun and Anita exchange romantic glances. Parvati

  • Fauji - Episode 8

    Fauji - Episode 8

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    Kiran is admitted to hospital and loses a lot of blood. Abhi donates his blood saving her. Madhu conducts a session on firstaid. Abhi tries to flirt with her but is unable to do so as she plays a trick on him. The commandos are sent on a practice mission

  • Fauji - Episode 7

    Fauji - Episode 7

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    Abhimanyu gets punished for misbehaving and is made to stand on the ground the entire day. He faints in Madhu's lap from exhaustion. Ramesh challenges Vicky to a squash match. Ramesh wins the match and a disoppointed Kiran storms out on her scooter.

  • Fauji - Episode 6

    Fauji - Episode 6

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    Dev feels responsible for Peter being fired. Abhi waves out to Madhu but Mr. Basu thinks that Abhi is waving to Mrs. Basu and doubts of an affair between them grow. Parvati meets Kishore and asks him to ask for a base transfer which causes an argument bet

  • Fauji - Episode 5

    Fauji - Episode 5

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    After narrating the incident Vikram breaks down. He feels guilty and blames himself for Kalyan Singh's death. After visiting Kalyan Singh's home he finds out that Kalyan was the sole earner of the family. Kishore tries to meet Parvati but is con

  • Fauji - Episode 4

    Fauji - Episode 4

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    Cynthia is smuggled into the bachelor quarters. Abhi calls on Madhu. Vikram recalls the horror of war during training. He relates the incident in a flash back to Kiran about how as an engineer officer he accompanied an infantory unit in a surprise raid on

  • Fauji - Episode 3

    Fauji - Episode 3

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    Abhi brings flowers for Madhu but hands them over to Mrs Basu whose husband screams in anger. Vikram punishes them for mischief during training. Umesh, the civilian newspaper chief teases Vikram. Abhi and Madhu come closer on the dance floor as Cynthia ma

  • Fauji - Episode 2

    Fauji - Episode 2

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    In a flash back, brothers Abhi and Vikram quarrel. Their father deliberately loses a chess match so that Abhi can also join the army. Kiran, the General’s daughter interviews Vikram while during a parachute landing show Madhu, the doctor falls into Abhi

  • Fauji - Episode 1

    Fauji - Episode 1

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    Abhimanyu Rai (Shahrukh Khan), a young officer, and others arrive at the Commando School, where the General gives them a pep talk. Maj. Narayanan (A Kanan) gets tough while a two-mile race brings the young officers closer. When Vikram Rai (Rakesh Sharma)