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  • Destination Paraguay (1967)

    Destination Paraguay (1967)

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    "'Destination:Paraguay' takes viewers to one of two landlocked countries in South America to observe the lives of Gildo and Felix in their rural environment, and Elsa and Laura in their urban environment....viewers gain insights into rural

  • Story Of Copper (1951)

    Story Of Copper (1951)

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    Tells the story of the mining and manufacture of copper from the crude ore to the finished product. lots of footage of giant machines, some blasting. - 33:34

  • South Dakota Saga (1938 ca)

    South Dakota Saga (1938 ca)

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    History of South Dakota and mining at the Homestake mines. - 32:42

  • The Fireman (1954)

    The Fireman (1954)

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    Shows how firemen work, describes their equipment in action. Care of equipment, drills, testing of trucks, hose, ladders, and life saving devices are illustrated. A real fire is shown with firemen answering the alarm and extinguishing the blaze. - 10:04

  • Trees For Tomorrow (1941)

    Trees For Tomorrow (1941)

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    Discusses the importance of forests as a renewable resource, and emphasizes the scientific management of woodlands and prevention of forest fires. Shows both early American and modern utilization of wood, and illustrates how trees are grown as renewable c

  • Waves of Green (1950)

    Waves of Green (1950)

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    Tribute to america's land-grant colleges. Good agriculture and farm material. Ships, marine, sea shots. - 38:07

  • Peru - The Mysterious Journey

    Peru - The Mysterious Journey

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    Educational video on Peru - 1:19:00

  • San Francisco (1955 Cinemascope film)

    San Francisco (1955 Cinemascope film)

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    Cinemascope homage to the city of San Francisco made by amateur filmmaker and inventor Tullio Pellegrini. - Release Date: 1955 - 21:28 - Rated: Not Rated

  • Of Forests and People

    Of Forests and People

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    Forests cover a third of the Earth’s surface. They are home to over half of terrestrial species and hundreds of millions of human beings. Forests provide part of one in four people’s incomes. For 7 billion people, most of the world’s population, for

  • Desertification


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    Contrary to popular perception, desertification is not the loss of land to desert or through sand-dune movement. It refers to land degradation resulting from climatic variations and human activities. It is not a natural process; it is the result of mankin

  • The Fisher Folk of Lake Patzcuaro (1951)

    The Fisher Folk of Lake Patzcuaro (1951)

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    The Taracsan Indians, living on the island of Janitzio, are shown fishing with their butterfly nets. - Release Date: 1951 - 13:21

  • Understanding The Dollar (1953)

    Understanding The Dollar (1953)

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    A dramatization which explains the essential purposes of money as a medium of exchange, analyzes factors which affect the value of the dollar, and shows the effects of rising prices on people with various types of income. - Release Date: 1953 - 09:39

  • Work of the Stock Exchange (1941)

    Work of the Stock Exchange (1941)

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    Examines each step of incorporation and listing of stock. Illustrates the details of buying and selling operations on the exchange floor and in the broker's office, showing how these operations bring to land, labor and management the necessary capita

  • Spanish Children (1964)

    Spanish Children (1964)

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    Here we witness the activities of a boy and his sister during harvest time in the Andalucian mountain village of Alora, 40km north of Málaga, in Spain, showing their life at home, at school, in the village plaza and in the orchards and fields. This white

  • Felipa: North of the Border (1971)

    Felipa: North of the Border (1971)

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    A bilingual girl of Mexican-American parents has ambitions to be teacher. She gets early experience when she helps her uncle learn English so he can obtain a driver’s license for a new job. - Release Date: 1971 - 17:00

  • Terra - Virginia City Gold Mine

    Terra - Virginia City Gold Mine

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    After a long day of digging gold out of the ground, crushing it at the mill and refining it at the lab, Ralph Johnsrud and his miners can go back to their homes in Virginia City. Referred to by many as a ghost town, Virginia city witnessed the rise and fa

  • Granite (1980)

    Granite (1980)

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    Here, a 25 ton block of granite being burned, drilled, and blasted from the heart of a Vermont mountain, focusing on the machinery used. Filmed at the Rock of Ages Quarry in Barre, VT. - Release Date: 1980 - 06:18

  • Banks And Credits (1948)

    Banks And Credits (1948)

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    Explains the working of banks in 1948 covering Savings Accounts, Checking Accounts, Loans, Assets and Liabilites. - Release Date: 1948 - 10:35

  • Radiological Defense (1961)

    Radiological Defense (1961)

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    Film on nuclear fallout and its potential for damage in the event of an attack on the United States. - 27:30

  • Patterns of Time

    Patterns of Time

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    Twilight Zone creator Rod Serling describes how beautiful figures are selected and matched together. Shows how hardwood plywood is made in engineered panels to provide maximum durability and stability to bring the authenticity and beauty of the world'