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The story of Dyesebel begins when an amnesiac mermaid turned human named Lucia (Jean Garcia) fell in love with a human. They got married and had a beautiful baby, but instead of a human baby she delivered a mermaid. The child is called Dyesebel (Marian Rivera). Although surprised by their daughter's strange form, Lucia and her husband Tino (Wendell Ramos) promise to love their child no matter what. In no time at all, their neighbors discovered the couple's secret. When the community is hit with a series of catastrophes, the town believes that the anomaly is caused by Dyesebel; an accusation that leads to Tino's death and Lucia to offer her only daughter to the sea, where she would belong. Unknown to Lucia is that in the heart of the sea, Dyesebel's adventures and misfortunes will begin. It is within the confines of the waters that Dyesebel will lead a new life , a journey that will take her to the depths of the sea, as well as to chaos of the city. Dyesebel discovers that she can also be a human being by visiting Amafura (Rufa Mae Quinto) to get a secret necklace which makes her a human; but a price must be made, for her to sacrifice her true possession, to gain something special. - Language: Filipino, Tagalog, English with subtitles. Aired: 04/28/2008 to 10/17/2008
  • Popular Dyesebel - Episode 64

    Dyesebel - Episode 64

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    Dyangga gets away again. She’s still alive and with her remaining black pearls, she becomes a huge monster. She follows Dyesebel onto the land and with her horrifying looks and greater power, she scares people away. Dyesebel, who is still in the hospita

  • Popular Dyesebel - Episode 63

    Dyesebel - Episode 63

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    Dyesebel decides to choose Sirenea over her feelings for Fredo. She tries to erase Fredo’s memory with her scepter but it doesn’t turn out the way she expects it to. He becomes human and starts gasping for breath. Dyangga holds Fredo’s life. She mak

  • Popular Dyesebel - Episode 62

    Dyesebel - Episode 62

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    Dyangga finds Fredo unconscious but still breathing; and with the power of black pearl, Dyangga is able to revive Fredo. Akiram informs Fredo about Dyesebel’s wedding with Erebus so Fredo rushes to Sirenea to stop the wedding. Dyesebel and everyone else

  • Dyesebel - Episode 61

    Dyesebel - Episode 61

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    Fredo starts his sail under the ocean. He is closely monitored by Dr. Hizon, Don Juan and Paolo. When he goes deeper and deeper beyond Nautilus limit, the three keep on pleading for him to come back before he runs out of oxygen but Fredo’s determination

  • Popular Dyesebel - Episode 60

    Dyesebel - Episode 60

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    Dyangga’s body is missing. Usaro and his men can’t find it but Akiram who remains loyal to her, knows where the body is. Akiram hands the pearls of Mother of Pearl to Dyangga by slipping it through a little opening of the giant shell where Dyangga’s

  • Popular Dyesebel - Episode 59

    Dyesebel - Episode 59

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    Gildo attempts to kill Don Juan for the second time while being treated in the hospital but he fails once more and does not escape this time. He falls under the police custody. Those two attempts in Don Juan’s life dramatically change him into a new man

  • Popular Dyesebel - Episode 58

    Dyesebel - Episode 58

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    Betty holds Ava and Buboy as captives. She sends Amafura to call Dyesebel to trade herself for the lives of two people dearest to her. Dyesebel comes to their rescue but the good wave is not on her side. Her beloved friend, Buboy, is shot by Betty, falls

  • Dyesebel - Episode 57

    Dyesebel - Episode 57

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    Dyesebel escapes from land through the help of Lucia and Buboy. Fredo follows her under the water and is almost drowned. Dyesebel revives him, but she kills Fredo in a different way by telling him goodby. This separation drives Fredo out of himself. He do

  • Dyesebel - Episode 56

    Dyesebel - Episode 56

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    After all the chaos and the struggles, Dyesebel and Lucia are back in each other’s arms again. Forgiveness after forgiveness, tears after tears, hugs and overflowing emotions. But little do they know that a new kind of danger awaits them. And this time,

  • Popular Dyesebel - Episode 55

    Dyesebel - Episode 55

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    Despite their rivalry for Dyesebel’s love, Fredo and Erebus team up to save her from all the pain and danger. They go to the hospital where she is being held captive by Betty and fight their way to save and bring Dyesebel out of that prison despite all

  • Dyesebel - Episode 54

    Dyesebel - Episode 54

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    Fredo has all the logical reasons for not accepting Dyesebel and for not loving her. And the whole world also thinks that he shouldn’t. So he breaks up with her. This brings more pain to Dyesebel than the physical pain of Betty’s wrath. It makes her l

  • Dyesebel - Episode 53

    Dyesebel - Episode 53

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    After revealing Isabel’s true identity to the public, Betty decides to expose Isabel, in the form of a mermaid known as Dyesebel, for everyone to see. Upon hearing the ill fate of his former loved one, Fredo rushes to her side only to be hindered by the

  • Dyesebel - Episode 52

    Dyesebel - Episode 52

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    When Ava successfully locates Dona Guada, she finally finds out that her daughter is no other than the servant-turned-surrogate-son’s-girlfriend, Isabel. This greatly affects her emotionally because of all the guilt she feels for all her maltreatments t

  • Dyesebel - Episode 51

    Dyesebel - Episode 51

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    Betty, after a long time of being in the state of coma, finally comes out of the hospital. Fredo visits her and she immediately comes up with the wedding plans. On the other hand, Dyesebel is anxious because of this situation. She knows too well that Bett

  • Dyesebel - Episode 50

    Dyesebel - Episode 50

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    Dyesebel manages to escape when Bukanding kills Berbola. Fredo and Erebus bring her to the hospital. Wanting to protect Dyesebel, Erebus drives Fredo away. When Dyesebel wakes up at the hospital, Erebus makes her believe that Fredo left him, not caring fo

  • Popular Dyesebel - Episode 49

    Dyesebel - Episode 49

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    Berbola bewitches Fredo into loving her but Dyesebel discovers her plan and immediately devices a way to save her beloved Fredo from Berbola’s evil intentions. Disappointed that her plan to bring Fredo to Sirenea as her king is thwarted, Berbola knocks

  • Dyesebel - Episode 48

    Dyesebel - Episode 48

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    Dyannga swears that she will avenge her daughter’s death, and Bukanding ponders why he hesistated in killing Dyesebel. Above land, Erebus gets Fredo thrown out of the hospital where Dyesebel is staying in; and he lies to Dyesebel, telling her that the m

  • Popular Dyesebel - Episode 47

    Dyesebel - Episode 47

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    Erebus saves Isabel from the flames. After the incident, she is hospitalized. When she recovers, she has a new outlook in life. She decides to fight back and to regain her beauty. Because of Isabel’s eagerness to have a new life, Doña Guada decides to

  • Dyesebel - Episode 46

    Dyesebel - Episode 46

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    Dyesebel’s kiss awakens Fredo from Berbola’s control—but before Dyesebel could confront him, Erebus takes her away. Gildo is happy that he finally has the woman who can launch him to power, but Fredo is back in the scene to take her away. This time

  • Dyesebel - Episode 45

    Dyesebel - Episode 45

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    Isabel is in critical condition, and Dona Guada will spare nothing to get her back into the world of the living. But will Dyesebel want to live again—especially after finding out that Banak awaits her in the afterlife? What if Amafura finds the answer t