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Dr Jin

What happens when one of the best neurosurgeons of the 21st century finds himself thrown back in time to 1860, before advanced medicine and modern medical equipment? Jin Hyuk (Song Seung Hun) leaves behind a successful career and his fiancee and lands in the Joseon era with little more than a bag of basic medical supplies. Suspected to be a thief and a supporter of foreign ways in a time of anti-Western sentiment, he struggles to stay alive while saving lives with never-before-seen surgical techniques and changing the course of modern medicine with the help of a rambunctious royal, Lee Ha Eung (Lee Bum Soo). All while falling in love with Hong Young Rae (Park Min Young), who could be the twin of his fiancee. A time-slip medical, historical period series directed by Han Hui (Personal Taste) and written by Han Ji-hun (Time Between Dog and Wolf) and Jeon Hyeon-jin that fuses together fantasy and history.
  • 1:07:28 Dr. Jin - Episode 22 (Final Ep)

    Dr. Jin - Episode 22 (Final Ep)

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    Dr. Jin goes to Kang Hwa Do to try and protect Young Rae. When she is hit by shrapnel from a cannon blast he tells her he will save her. Even if it means he will disappear forever. - Aired: 08/12/2012 - Season 1 Episode 22 - 1:07:28 - Rated: 15 - Final Ep

  • 1:07:33 Dr. Jin - Episode 21

    Dr. Jin - Episode 21

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    The Kims try to manipulate Prince Heungson and kidnap the King. Young Rae goes to save people at Kang Hwa Do island where the war is raging with the French. - Aired: 08/04/2012 - Season 1 Episode 21 - 1:07:33 - Rated: 15

  • 1:07:00 Dr. Jin - Episode 20

    Dr. Jin - Episode 20

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    The King orders the Catholics to be released. Meanwhile Choon Hong tries to save Dr. Jin who has collapsed again from his brain tumor which continues to grow larger everytime he changes the course of history. - Aired: 07/29/2012 - Season 1 Episode 20 - 1:

  • 1:05:26 Dr. Jin - Episode 19

    Dr. Jin - Episode 19

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    Dr. Jin finds himself literarly disappearing from existence as the boy they are operating on is losing his life. The Prince Regent gives the order to arrest all Catholics. - Aired: 07/28/2012 - Season 1 Episode 19 - 1:05:26 - Rated: 15

  • 1:07:55 Dr. Jin - Episode 18

    Dr. Jin - Episode 18

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    Youngrae and Hyeok perform the C-section successfully without anesthesia. Meanwhile, Kyeongtak sneaks into Haeung's workplace in order to find the envelope handed over by Jin Hyeok. - Aired: 07/22/2012 - Season 1 Episode 18 - 1:07:55 - Rated: 15

  • 1:06:22 Dr. Jin - Episode 17

    Dr. Jin - Episode 17

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    The Left State Minister sends Kyung-Tak to steals the Royal Seal from the Queen Dowager's room. The next day at the coronation they get a shock. The Queen dowager gives a list of people to the Prince Regent to fill the court positions, but they are her fa

  • 1:09:05 Dr. Jin - Episode 16

    Dr. Jin - Episode 16

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    Kyung Tak is striped of his police position and his father, the Left State Minister, tells him to get out of the house because he brought shame to the family. He tells him he can make amends by murdering Prince Heung Seon. Kyung Tak waits for him during t

  • 1:08:43 Dr. Jin - Episode 15

    Dr. Jin - Episode 15

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    Young Rae has been having dreams of Mi Na, her accident and the future and soon suspects that she may be Mi Na. The royal relatives start pertitioning the king to remove the Left State Minister from his position. He stikes back. - Aired: 07/14/2012 - Seas

  • 1:06:38 Dr. Jin - Episode 14

    Dr. Jin - Episode 14

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    Dr Jin saves the King's life. Young Rae gets diagnosed with breast cancer before her marriage. - Aired: 07/08/2012 - Season 1 Episode 14 - 1:06:38 - Rated: 15

  • 1:07:19 Dr. Jin - Episode 13

    Dr. Jin - Episode 13

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    Choon Hong tells Young Rae it is her fate to marry Commander Kim, and that's the only way Dr Jin can return home. The Councilor sends his son into exile. - Aired: 07/07/2012 - Season 1 Episode 13 - 1:07:19 - Rated: 15

  • 1:05:34 Dr. Jin - Episode 12

    Dr. Jin - Episode 12

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    A riot breaks out as Prince Heungseon is about to be executed. Meanwhile, The Queen Dowager sends a message to stop the poisoning immediately. - Aired: 07/01/2012 - Season 1 Episode 12 - 1:05:34 - CC - Rated: 15

  • 1:04:58 Dr. Jin - Episode 11

    Dr. Jin - Episode 11

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    As Dr. Jin, Young Rae and Prince Ha Eung are about to executed for supposedly poisoning the Queen Dowager, Kyung Tak saves them. But he doesn't tell anyone that the Left State Minister was behind the poisoning. Prince Ha Eung is exiled to a far away town

  • 1:06:31 Dr. Jin - Episode 10

    Dr. Jin - Episode 10

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    Dr. Jin and Young Rae make donuts for her mother who is suffering from Berberi. The Ahn family decides to poison the donuts that the Queen is going to eat at her birthday party. Dr. Jin and Young Rae are arrested for it. - Aired: 06/24/2012 - Season 1 Epi

  • 1:05:50 Dr. Jin - Episode 9

    Dr. Jin - Episode 9

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    Young Rae learns there is a plan to kill Dr. Jin and she rushes to save him. He tells her the truth about him being from the future and he plans to dissapear because he fears people will be hurt because of him. She begs him not to leave. Young Rae breaks

  • 1:05:38 Dr. Jin - Episode 8

    Dr. Jin - Episode 8

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    Young Rae gets burnt from the fire at the infirmary. Dr Jin uses his last penicillin to treat another patient. Young Rae's condition gets worse. Will he be able to save her? - Aired: 06/17/2012 - Season 1 Episode 8 - 1:05:38 - Rated: 15

  • 1:04:50 Dr. Jin - Episode 7

    Dr. Jin - Episode 7

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    Dr. Jin succeeds in discovering Penicillin. He tries to heal the courtesan, but she gets taken away. - Aired: 06/16/2012 - Season 1 Episode 7 - 1:04:50 - Rated: 15

  • 1:05:30 Dr. Jin - Episode 6

    Dr. Jin - Episode 6

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    Dr. Jin discovers one of gisaengs has syphillis. He remembers a lecture about how penicillin could be made from basic equipment with mold. He begins preparations to make the medicine but then tells everyone that he can't. He is worried about changing the

  • 1:05:31 Dr. Jin - Episode 5

    Dr. Jin - Episode 5

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    After Dr. Jin saves several of the villagers he comes down with cholera himself. Young Rae will not leave his side and is detemrined to keep him from dying. A disastrous turn of events occurs that makes Young Rae furious with Kyung Tak as she now sees his

  • 1:05:33 Dr. Jin - Episode 4

    Dr. Jin - Episode 4

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    A cholera epidemic breaks out in the surrounding areas around the Capital city and Dr. Jin is sent to see if he can help. Young Rae goes to take him supplies and she wants to stay to help him. - Aired: 06/03/2012 - Season 1 Episode 4 - 1:05:33 - Rated: 15

  • 1:04:28 Dr. Jin - Episode 3

    Dr. Jin - Episode 3

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    The majistrate collapses just as Dr. Jin is about to be executed. He convinces them that he can help and he performs surgery. Choon Hong drowns and Dr Jin tries to save her. His methods make Young Rae mad and possibly jealous. A villager is seriously woun