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Documentary Movies Int (Eng)

  • The Monk, The Princess And The Forest (1991)

    The Monk, The Princess And The Forest (1991)

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    The story of the villagers and the forests in the Mae Soi valley of northern Thailand is all too tragically commonplace. Destruction of the upland forests has created a thorny desert, silted up rivers and reduced the crops. Together, the alliance is savin

  • 1:33:43 Popular Arch of Triumph (1984)

    Arch of Triumph (1984)

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    In Paris, before the Nazis penetrate into the city, an Austrian refugee doctor falls in love with a mysterious woman. - Release Date: 1984 - Feature Film - 1:33:43 - Rated: Not Rated Country: UK - Language: English - Genres: Drama, Romance, War