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Darna is a Philippine drama/fantasy series adapted from Mars Ravelo's fictional superheroine of the same name; directed by Dominic Zapata and Don Michael Perez and developed by Jun Lana. It is the third series based on the Darna graphic novels by Mars Ravelo. It stars Marian Rivera as the title role and its alter-ego Narda, with Iwa Moto as her main nemesis Valentina, also starring Dennis Trillo as Pancho and Mark Anthony Fernandez as Eduardo.
  • 49:18 Popular Darna - Episode 73

    Darna - Episode 73

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    Valentina comes to look for Roma’s grave to take her powers. Gabriel tries to fend her off but fails. He looks for Pancho to tell him about Valentina’s new powers as well as her taking the form of Darna. Valentina att

  • 49:00 Darna - Episode 72

    Darna - Episode 72

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    Roma goes to the church injured and Gabriel finds her. She asks for forgiveness as her last desire before she dies. Gabriel finds her begging to the Lord to keep Narda alive. At the same time that she draws her last breath, Narda is given the stone by Con

  • 48:34 Darna - Episode 71

    Darna - Episode 71

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    Valentina, as Serpina, gives birth to their children: the new snake legion. With this, they shall fulfill the mission Father Cobra has given them, leading the snake legion to take over the world. Impy has possessed Ms. Perfecta, causing new trouble to San

  • 48:51 Darna - Episode 70

    Darna - Episode 70

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    Serpina plots to kill Darna by tricking Valentina. This plan backfires as Darna defeats Valentina instead. Before she is killed, Valentina finds out about Narda’s identity. In revenge, Valentina kills Serpina and assumes her identity. M

  • Darna - Episode 69

    Darna - Episode 69

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    Roma was dead but she was given life by Dr. Morgan through his successful experiment. Though she's upset because of it, she can’t do anything. Gabriel saw her again and is still in love with her but Serpina is against them. Meanwhile, Narda was cha

  • Darna - Episode 68

    Darna - Episode 68

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    Dr Morgan succeeds in bringing Roma back to life, with the help of her twin sister, Impy. Upon learning Dr Morgan’s plan to use Roma against Valentina and Serpina, the twin sisters escape from the laboratory. Darna also escapes from the clutches of Vale

  • Darna - Episode 67

    Darna - Episode 67

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    It is discovered that Consuelo tried to kill Alicia by poisoning her. Alicia drives her out of the house, and Narda drives her out of her life. Valentina and Serpina crashes a religious parade and join forces to defeat Darna, but failed. Zandro reappears

  • Darna - Episode 66

    Darna - Episode 66

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    Alicia loves Narda so much and will do anything to make her happy. Even if it is against her will to allow Consuelo to stay in her house, she has no choice but to grant Narda’s request. Consuelo tries to win back Alicia’s trust and love but deep insid

  • Darna - Episode 65

    Darna - Episode 65

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    Narda is so confused about who between Consuelo and Alee is her real mother until Loleng finally confesses to Narda the whole truth while she has the chance. It is truly difficult for Consuelo to accept that Narda could leave her. She commits suicide by j

  • Darna - Episode 64

    Darna - Episode 64

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    Narda and Pancho become lovers. Ding cannot accept it wholeheartedly. Loleng wants to keep her promise to Alicia that she will give Narda back to her and due to this, Consuelo has gone crazy. Serpina frees Zandro and is about to give herself to him. She i

  • Darna - Episode 63

    Darna - Episode 63

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    Elektra is about to invade planet earth but unfortunately her allies betray her. She is kicked out of the spaceship and jailed on earth. Her allies are about to leave her but Elektra shows sincerity of changing her motives for good. She learns the value o

  • Darna - Episode 62

    Darna - Episode 62

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    Crisanto gives Elektra a very warm welcome to the planet Earth. Elektra turns out to be just using Crisanto to get the water from the entire planet and invade them. Elektra’s coming caused turmoil and Darna goes back to save the people. Angge a longtime

  • Darna - Episode 61

    Darna - Episode 61

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    Elektra successfully does her plan of draining all the water in San Martin for the benefit of her planet, Venusa. Pancho finally admits his love to Narda but she rejects him in the fear of being hurt again. She decides to leave and stay in Manila for her

  • Darna - Episode 60

    Darna - Episode 60

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    After the tragic death of Eduardo, our superhero decides to move out of San Martin. Narda, together with her mother, plans to go to Manila and stay there for good. Meanwhile, Super Electra is starting to make her own heroic moves to get the trust of the p

  • Darna - Episode 59

    Darna - Episode 59

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    Narda is still grieving over Eduardo’s sudden death. She cannot accept that Darna, who helps and saves a lot of lives, is not able to save the life of the only man he loves. She regrets the time she sends him away and refuses to marry him just because s

  • Darna - Episode 58

    Darna - Episode 58

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    Just as when the people of San Martin are thankful that tranquility has finally been restored in their town since the capture of Helga, a spaceship suddenly appears and hovers over the church. Elektra and the rest of creatures from the planet Venusa are i

  • Darna - Episode 57

    Darna - Episode 57

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    Helga Demonita finds a way to kidnap Carding and to complete her collection of thirteen innocent children. Darna stops her in time from offering them to her god. She brings Helga to church and Aleli sprinkles Holy water on her so that the devil will leave

  • Darna - Episode 56

    Darna - Episode 56

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    Miren escapes from Helga with the help of Darna and her friends. She tells everyone the truth about Helena, Helga Demoñita and the missing children. They decide to hide the children at Father Mateo’s church. Dr. Morgan and Madam Alee take advantage of

  • Darna - Episode 55

    Darna - Episode 55

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    Narda is blaming herself for the disappearance of the children at Hospicio. She goes to Miren’s house to get some help but instead, she finds Helena there. Helena offers to help in finding out who took the children. She accuses Consuelo as the kidnapper

  • Darna - Episode 54

    Darna - Episode 54

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    Madam Ali and Consuelo have an unpleasant meeting after a long time. They both still hold grudges against each other. Consuelo succeeds in convincing Loleng that she must maintain the custody of Narda and to keep Madam Ali from knowing that Narda is still