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Couple Fantasy

This series is based on the 1987 American movie Overboard. Jo Anna (Han Ye Seul) is a rude, feisty, and audacious American-bred heiress who can never be satisfied. She returns to Korea only to continue being a controlling wife to her already cowardly husband, Billy Park (Kim Sung Min). When her yacht gets stuck for repairs, she hires local handyman Jang Chul Soo (Oh Ji Ho) to fix her shower, but when they have a heated spat over her dissatisfaction and non payment, she pushes him overboard and dunks his tools into the ocean right along with him. Later, after a quarrel with Billy that threatens to end their marriage, she herself gets drunkenly pitched overboard and falls victim to a bad case of amnesia. She wakes up in a hospital bed with no memory and a man beside her claiming to be her husband. The man is none other than Chul Soo, who has concocted a cunning plan of revenge on the woman who insulted him, and informs her that she is Na Sang Shil, his wife, and that she must come home with him. At a loss, Anna Jo goes home with him and soon finds herself cooking, cleaning, and doing all sorts of things she's never had to do. Now, the spoiled heiress just might have met her match in the hot-tempered plumber, but the real question is, will they find happily ever after? And what will happen when Anna gets her memory back and discovers her true identity?
  • 1:02:35 Popular Couple Fantasy - Episode 16

    Couple Fantasy - Episode 16

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    Anna spends time with the resort employees, drinking white rice wine and playing cards with them as if she were still Na Sang-shil. Anna tells Billy she is divorcing him and moving back to the states by herself. - Korean with English sub-titles - Aired: 1

  • 59:10 Popular Couple Fantasy - Episode 15

    Couple Fantasy - Episode 15

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    After Anna sees the wedding photo at Billy's place Billy and Chul Soo show up. she has a confrontation with Billy and falls in the pool. All of her memories come back to her.Billy goes to Chul Soo and pleads with him to cover up the past and what he did s

  • 57:26 Popular Couple Fantasy - Episode 14

    Couple Fantasy - Episode 14

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    Yoo Kyeong overhears Billy and Mr. Gong's conversation. Discovering that Anna is the wife of the resort's owner, she runs over to Chul Soo's house to tell him the truth but encounters Anna there instead. - Korean with English sub-titles - Aired: 11/26/200

  • 58:48 Popular Couple Fantasy - Episode 13

    Couple Fantasy - Episode 13

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    Anna is invited to Kang Ja's birthday party and ends up hanging out with the neighborhood folks. The carefree merrymaking feels awkward at first, but Anna is soon infected by the jovial atmosphere. - Korean with English sub-titles - Aired: 11/25/2006 - Se

  • 59:19 Popular Couple Fantasy - Episode 12

    Couple Fantasy - Episode 12

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    While driving fast around a corner, Anna swerves to avoid Billy, who has been waiting for her with her favorite raspberry mousse, and crashes lightly into a wall. Chul Soo learns that Anna has been meeting some man (Billy) and he starts to show jealousy.

  • 53:59 Popular Couple Fantasy - Episode 11

    Couple Fantasy - Episode 11

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    Chul Soo tracks down Anna at a bus station in another town to stop her from leaving. Learning that she isn't Na Sang-sil but a woman of enormous wealth, Anna feels betrayed and tells Chul Soo to leave the house. Later when Yoo Kyung finds out Anna didn't

  • 52:51 Popular Couple Fantasy - Episode 10

    Couple Fantasy - Episode 10

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    Chul Soo learns the address of someone who worked on Anna's yacht and heads for Noryangjin, Seoul. Yoo Kyung meets up with Anna and tells her she is not going to states or getting married. She says she still loves Chul Soo and wants him back. Anna decides

  • 59:02 Popular Couple Fantasy - Episode 9

    Couple Fantasy - Episode 9

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    Anxious and concerned that he cannot contact Anna when she is not around, Chul Soo buys her a cell phone. Chul Soo can't find Anna in the morning and her cell phone and clothes are on the sofa. He worries she has regained her memorires and left him withou

  • 51:06 Popular Couple Fantasy - Episode 8

    Couple Fantasy - Episode 8

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    The next morning Anna rushes to docks to look for Chul Soo but no one has seen him. The boat that was supposed to pick him back up could not reach the tiny remote island because the waves were too high. Anna's fears grow worse.While strolling through the

  • 59:41 Popular Couple Fantasy - Episode 7

    Couple Fantasy - Episode 7

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    On his wedding anniversary, Billy receives a package in the States. Inside what turns out to be Anna's anniversary present for him is the picture of an island in the South Pacific and a CD. Chul Soo goes to a deserted island to paint the last lighthouse.

  • 1:01:08 Popular Couple Fantasy - Episode 6

    Couple Fantasy - Episode 6

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    Billy overhears the male staff whispering among themselves that Billy might have killed Anna, seeing how he gave Princess away the moment she was gone. - Aired: 10/29/2006 - Season 1, Episode 6 - 1:01:08 - Rated: 15

  • 59:12 Popular Couple Fantasy - Episode 5

    Couple Fantasy - Episode 5

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    Taking Chul Soo for a professional con-man who steals from women, Billy gives a massive sum of money to Mr. Gong and instructs him to negotiate with Chul Soo. - Aired: 10/28/2006 - Season 1, Episode 5 - 59:12 - Rated: 15

  • 1:06:16 Popular Couple Fantasy - Episode 4

    Couple Fantasy - Episode 4

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    After feigning ignorance and leaving Anna behind, Billy becomes anxious and goes to see her again. He runs into her at the supermarket and is relieved to confirm once again that she is suffering from amnesia. - Aired: 10/22/2006 - Season 1, Episode 4 - 1:

  • 1:05:38 Popular Couple Fantasy - Episode 3

    Couple Fantasy - Episode 3

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    Thinking that Anna is dead, Billy holds her funeral on the yacht. - Aired: 10/21/2006 - Season 1, Episode 3 - 1:05:38 - Rated: 15

  • 1:04:27 Popular Couple Fantasy - Episode 2

    Couple Fantasy - Episode 2

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    Anna Jo's yacht gets stuck for repairs, she hires local handyman Jang Chul Soo (Oh Ji Ho) to fix her shower, but when they have a heated spat over her dissatisfaction and non payment, she pushes him overboard and dunks his tools into the ocean right along

  • 1:03:25 Popular Couple Fantasy - Episode 1

    Couple Fantasy - Episode 1

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    Jo Anna (Han Ye Seul) is a rude and fiesty Korean-America. She returns to Korea and keeps crossing paths with handyman Jang Chul Soo (Oh Ji Ho) and getting into misunderstandings and fights with him. This series is based on the 1987 American movie Overboa