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Cold Feet

Follow the lives and loves of six thirty-somethings in a heart-warming and comic drama as they try to find true love - or at least keep their relationships on track. In this wry and funny look at a generation which is as confused as it is liberated by the choices it faces, will the chill in their feet put out the passion that burns in their hearts?
  • 48:05 Cold Feet - Ep 206

    Cold Feet - Ep 206

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    David organises a trip to Holy Island for the millennium and everything seems to go wrong. As midnight strikes, Adam and Rachel make plans for the future, Karen and David reveal some happy news and Pete and Jenny's marriage hangs in the balance. - Aired o

  • 48:18 Cold Feet - Ep 205

    Cold Feet - Ep 205

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    David's younger brother Nick visits and has a fling with Rachel. Adam discovers that he has testicular cancer which prompts Jenny and Pete to give their marriage another go. Rachel tells Adam how she really feels about him. - Aired on 10/24/1999 - Season

  • 49:22 Cold Feet - Ep 204

    Cold Feet - Ep 204

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    Karen is going through a mid-life crisis. A school reunion leads to a disastrous date with Adam's old teacher for Rachel and Jenny finds out about Pete's affair. - Aired on 10/17/1999 - Season 2 Episode 4 - 49:22 - Rated: Not Rated

  • 49:18 Cold Feet - Ep 203

    Cold Feet - Ep 203

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    Rachel goes out with a man seven years younger than her and Jenny convinces Adam to apply to a lonely hearts column. Adam and his blind date end up in the same restaurant where Rachel and Danny are on a date, much to the dismay of Adam. - Aired on 10/10/1

  • Cold Feet - Ep 202

    Cold Feet - Ep 202

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    David decides to look after his son Josh rather than get a new job. Pete visits Adam and punches him after discovering that Adam and Jenny kissed. Adam is entertaining two women when Rachel arrives ready to declare her love for him. - Aired on 10/03/1999

  • Cold Feet - Ep 201

    Cold Feet - Ep 201

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    Adam is in a depressed state. He hasn't heard from Rachel for six months. Jenny is unhappy in her marriage and Pete thinks a new living room will cheer her up. He is shocked when she tells him how she really feels. - Aired on 09/26/1999 - Season 2 Ep

  • Cold Feet - Ep 107

    Cold Feet - Ep 107

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    The three couples head off to a charity ball, where Jenny gets very drunk and brawls with Natalie. Natalie demands compensation. Rachel confides in Karen that she's pregnant, but doesn't know if Adam or Kris is the father. - Aired on 12/20/1998

  • Cold Feet - Ep 106

    Cold Feet - Ep 106

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    Karen and a reluctant David go to marriage guidance counselling. Pete gets cable for Jenny as a surprise - she thinks it's time they got out more. Rachel thinks Adam's turning into an old man before his time. - Aired on 12/13/1998 - Season 1 Epi

  • Cold Feet - Ep 105

    Cold Feet - Ep 105

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    Karen's back working at a publishing house where she's asked to edit Booker Prize winning author, Alex Welch's new novel. She finds him both flattering and charming. Ramona tries to warn David, but he misunderstands and thinks Ramona fancie

  • Cold Feet - Ep 104

    Cold Feet - Ep 104

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    David is having problems with his sex life and asks Adam for some advice. Meanwhile Adam tries to spice up his own love life with Rachel and things soon take an interesting turn when Rachel reveals her deepest fantasy which involves a shop window. - Aired

  • Cold Feet - Ep 103

    Cold Feet - Ep 103

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    Adam and Rachel find a house together. Whilst unpacking Adam discovers that Rachel has been married before and has never been divorced. - Aired on 11/22/1998 - Season 1 Episode 1 - 49:47 - Rated: Not Rated

  • Cold Feet - Ep 102

    Cold Feet - Ep 102

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    Jenny, heavily pregnant, is driven to distraction by Pete's over-enthusiasm towards childbirth. Adam's plan to make Rachel spend more time at his place backfires when she beats him at his own game. - Aired on 11/15/1998 - Season 1 Episode 1 - 49

  • Cold Feet - Ep 101

    Cold Feet - Ep 101

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    Jenny wants to get pregnant, Pete wants to get drunk and Adam is doing one-night stands. David climbs the career ladder while Karen is desperate for a nanny. Rachel has been dumped but finds hope when she collides with Adam at the supermarket. - Aired on