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City of Vice

City of Vice is a gripping new drama series about the vice-ridden world of Georgian London, a historical drama series entirely informed by primary source material. Set in the mid-Eighteenth century, in fashionable Covent Garden – the center of London’s Vice Trade- City of Vice features Henry and his blind brother John Fielding, magistrates of Westminster and the men who created the modern police force. Played by Ian McDiarmid and Iain Glenn, Henry and John are London’s first ‘cops’ –investigating the lives and crimes of prostitutes, pimps, gamblers and villains (all of them historically researched real people) in a world where the rules of policing have not yet been invented. John Fielding had to make-up the ‘procedure’ as he went. Before Fielding there was no thought-out strategy to the taking of witness statements and there was certainly no organized system of informants. As City of Vice reveals, Fielding was the architect of modern day policing.
  • City of Vice - Episode 5

    City of Vice - Episode 5

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    Henry looks back on the struggle to fund the Bow Street Runners in the first place, and reflects on how close London came to not having a police force at all… - Aired on 02/11/2008 - Season 1 Episode 5 - 48:29 - Rated: Not Rated - Final Episode

  • City of Vice - Episode 4

    City of Vice - Episode 4

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    Tom Jones, an infamous gang leader, is broken out of jail by his Irish gang, who maim several prison guards along the way. This jailbreak questions the authority of the Bow Street Runners and risks making Lord Newcastle look foolish for supporting them. -

  • City of Vice - Episode 3

    City of Vice - Episode 3

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    A break-in at a sugar merchant's Mayfair home brings the Bow Street Runners into conflict with their patron, Lord Newcastle. - Aired on 01/28/2008 - Season 1 Episode 3 - 46:15 - Rated: Not Rated

  • City of Vice - Episode 2

    City of Vice - Episode 2

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    When the Reverend Erasmus Cavendish is found murdered in his Soho church, his maid informs the Runners that the reverend was a homosexual (a crime punishable by hanging) and points the finger at a man named William Flynn as the prime suspect. - Aired on 0

  • City of Vice - Episode 1

    City of Vice - Episode 1

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    The Fielding brothers are dining at a tavern run by Jack Harris, an infamous pimp, when a messenger announces that a woman's body has been found at a nearby bagnio. - Aired on 01/14/2008 - Season 1 Episode 1 - 48:12 - Rated: Mature