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In the future, personal computers have developed into "Persocoms", mobile computers that look like human beings. Hideki Motosuwa, a prep school student, desperately wants to buy a Persocon but cannot afford to. One day he finds a Persocom that has been thrown away and decides to keep it. When he turns on the Persocom, all she can say is "Chi" so he decides to name her that. After a while it starts to become apparent that Chi is more than an average Persocom. Having much better performance, it seems that Chi might be a "Chobit", a type of advanced Persocom rumored to have independent thought. Objectionable content: Significant *** Only 4 dubbed episodes are available at this time
  • Chobits - Chi Goes On Errands, Ep 4 (Dub)

    Chobits - Chi Goes On Errands, Ep 4 (Dub)

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    To avoid confusion or embarrassment, Hideki sends Chi to the lingerie store to buy some underwear. With child-like wonderment, Chi's exploration of the city results in quite an adventure. - Aired on 04/23/2002 - Season 1 Episode 4 - 24:47 - CC - Rate

  • Chobits - Chi Learns, Ep 3 (Dub)

    Chobits - Chi Learns, Ep 3 (Dub)

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    Getting into college is Hideki's first priority, but he needs a job to pay the bills. Now he's got a Persecom, but since he can't afford to buy her software, his only option is to teach her everything himself. - Aired on 04/16/2002 - Season

  • Chobits - Chi Goes Out, Ep 2 (Dub)

    Chobits - Chi Goes Out, Ep 2 (Dub)

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    Hideki's lucky find turns out to be a bigger deal than he thought. His neighbor Shinbo sends him to Minoru, a young Persecom specialist, to find out how she's able to move without an operating system. Could she be one of the rumored custom-made

  • Chobits - Chi Awakens, Ep 1 (Dub)

    Chobits - Chi Awakens, Ep 1 (Dub)

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    Persecoms are humanoid computers that can do almost anything humans can. Virtually everyone in Tokyo has one but Hideki, a displaced country boy going to a college prep school. His life is about to change when he finds a very special one in the trash. - A