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Beaver Falls

An irreverent yet warm teen drama about three British guys looking for a summer of fun and scoring girls while working at America's snobbiest summer camp. Laughs, adventures and a lot of heart follow.
  • Beaver Falls - Episode 106

    Beaver Falls - Episode 106

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    It's the last day of camp and everyone is thinking about the summer they've had, the home that awaits them and any unfinished business that needs attention... - Aired on 08/31/2011 - Season 1 Episode 6 - 46:45 - Rated: TV-14 - Season 1 Finale

  • Beaver Falls - Episode 105

    Beaver Falls - Episode 105

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    Today love is causing problems all over camp. Kimberley realises the truth about Jake, Rachael is struggling to deal with the events of the previous week and Pam's indiscretions finally push Bobby over the edge. - Aired on 08/24/2011 - Season 1 Episo

  • Beaver Falls - Episode 104

    Beaver Falls - Episode 104

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    It's the hottest, sweatiest day of the year and it feels like the whole of camp has got one thing on the brain: sex. Everyone seems to be getting some, apart from Barry, of course. Could this call for a change of tactics? - Aired on 08/17/2011 - Seas

  • Beaver Falls - Episode 103

    Beaver Falls - Episode 103

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    It's Parents' Day - a chance for the folks to visit their precious kids and for Bobby and Pam to tap them for donations. - Aired on 08/10/2011 - Season 1 Episode 3 - 46:31 - Rated: TV-14

  • Beaver Falls - Episode 102

    Beaver Falls - Episode 102

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    It's July 4, the day America celebrates ridding itself of the tyranny of British rule, and the day Beaver Falls throws its annual Independence Day Pageant - and this year, it's Flynn in charge. - Aired on 08/03/2011 - Season 1 Episode 2 - 45:05

  • Beaver Falls - Episode 101

    Beaver Falls - Episode 101

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    Flynn, Barry and A-Rab arrive at Beaver Falls; A-Rab packing a broken heart; Barry packing a stash of weed; and Flynn mostly packing an insatiable desire to get laid as much possible, equalled only by the desire for them all to have a summer to remember.